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About us

Monti Kids partners with parents to build joyful, nurturing connections with their children. Fueled by a modern approach to the Montessori method, we coach parents to honor their child's unique developmental pace. 

Meet the Miles & Stones Map

At the core of our curriculum is the Miles & Stones Map, a visual timeline of child development milestones. Packed with recommendations on how to support your little one as they grow, the Miles & Stones Map also shows you what you’ll notice, what it means, and what activities will encourage your child.

We are Miles&Stones

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Looking ahead...

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Our Process

We use the science of child development to offer parents a roadmap through the milestones, from birth to preschool. We have designed a parent-friendly curriculum comprised of heirloom-quality learning materials, short articles and videos on how to use them, and coaching from early childhood experts.

How it Started

When she became a mom, certified Montessori educator Zahra Kassam dreamed of a program that would deliver parents at home exactly what they need at each stage of their baby's growth to nurture their development. In 2017, she launched Monti Kids with an eight-installment subscription of authentic Montessori toys and instructional videos to help parents learn how to introduce the materials to their young children. 

Arriving at Miles & Stones

As more families joined us, we realized that our mission was something bigger. We are here to help parents and caregivers understand their child’s capabilities so that they can notice the big – and little – milestones that indicate readiness for new, challenging activities. In 2022, we launched the Miles & Stones Journey, a subscription that delivers educator-designed baby and toddler learning materials and toys right to your home.

About Monti Kids

After years of teaching preschool, I was so excited when I had my own child. I was determined to give my son the best start, right from birth. But I quickly realized that even years of experience as a Montessori teacher had not prepared me. I struggled to balance being a new mom, while trying to prepare a stimulating environment and keep up with his development at every turn. While teaching parent/baby classes in my neighborhood, I met so many parents who understood the importance of the early years but felt confused about how to best support their baby’s development. I was not able to recommend a simple solution because it did not exist. So I set out to create one.We are so excited to share our amazing program, based on the world-renowned 0-3 Montessori curriculum, made easy for you to use at home. We believe that the best way to support your child during their most formative years is to empower you. With Monti Kids, you can rest easy knowing that you are giving your child the strongest foundation for learning. We can’t wait to play and learn with you!


Zahra, Founder



Monti Kids Honor White HouseMonti Kids Honor LegoMonti Kids Honor HarvardMonti Kids Honor Unsung Heroes of Compassion

  • Invitation to the White House Early Education Summit
  • Voted to speak on stage (out of 300 attendees) at the Lego Ideas conference
  • Invitation to the Goldman Sachs, Global Leaders of Education Meeting
  • Invitation to the Harvard Cutting Edge of Early Education Research Meeting
  • Nominated for the Dalai Lama Unsung Heroes of Compassion Awards