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With the only at-home Montessori program designed and safety tested for birth to age 3.
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With the only at-home Montessori program designed and safety tested for birth to age 3.
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How It Works

1. Follow the toy timeline

Receive a shipment of Montessori materials every 3 months.
Start with toy 1.

Preview a toy timeline

2. Watch a 2 minute video tutorial

Our quick, easy videos explain how to introduce each toy to your child to maximize learning and development.
Watch a sample video

3. Play time

Spend a few minutes introducing the toy to your child. Then step away and let them learn as they play.



The Importance of Starting Early

85% of the brain is formed by the age of 3

Create a Foundation for Life

Research shows that early brain development lays the foundation for all future learning and behavior.

Brain Development is Activity Dependent

An ideal environment meets your child’s developmental needs and presents just enough challenge. Providing educational play from birth to age 3 will help fulfill and expand your child’s potential.

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Level Overview

Educators Monti Kids

“The materials are beautifully made and the instructions and videos are clear. I recommend Monti Kids to all the young families at my school.”

— Lynn Lillard Jessen, Author of Montessori
from the Start

“This is straightforward, savvy parent education and empowerment. Add in genius Montessori educational theory and I’m smitten.”

— Cassandra Tognoni, Education Blogger

“I loved the emphasis that the child does not need to get it right and that we must let them explore.”

— Jeanne-Marie Paynel, Voila Montessori

Frequently Asked Questions

Monti Kids toys have passed all US safety testing for ages 0-3, including ASTM and CPSC. They have gone through rigorous testing with the leading third party safety labs. Of all toys in the US, only 4% are marked safe for children under 3, and most of these are plastic and plush. We have worked hard to design wooden toys that meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and educational value for your family.

We recognize that every child is unique. When you enroll in Monti Kids, we’ll help you determine which level is best for your child’s age and stage of development.

Your Monti Kids membership includes Montessori materials for your child and access to our exclusive online videos and articles created by our early education experts. There are 8 levels in the program. Each level includes:

  • Demo videos of each toy with instructions on the best way to introduce it to your child and to maximize its benefits
  • Toy guides describing the educational principles and latest research about the skills your child develops by using the materials
  • Our Montessori Parenting Series explains how to apply Montessori educational theory at home
  • Guidance and tips on setting up a Montessori play space at home
  • You have access to the online videos and guides for all of the levels you have purchased as long as your membership is active.

Monti Kids toys are designed to meet your child’s developmental milestones and to provide just the right amount of challenge, without being over stimulating. They are based on the time-tested, research-backed Montessori method. Some unique aspects of our toys include:

  • Isolation of difficulty: This encourages your child to practice his existing skills while tackling one new concept at a time, allowing him to challenge himself without getting overwhelmed.
  • Progressive levels of challenge: Our toys are designed to grow with your child. As she learns, she will discover new ways to play that will stretch her skills. Our toys are introduced in sequence because they build upon one another.
  • Control of error: Our toys include features that help children to self-correct. This encourages your child to repeat and gain the tremendous benefits of problem solving independently.
  • Simplicity: Our toys are made of natural materials without lights, sounds and too many bright colors or patterns. This allows children to focus as they play without being distracted or overstimulated. Our toys are not built to entertain your child, but rather to engage his curiosity, creativity, and problem solving skills.

Learn more about the benefits of Montessori.

While the toys in each level are introduced over a three month period, your child will continue to enjoy and learn from them for several months or years beyond that. They are designed to grow with your child, presenting new challenges as he develops.


If you’re thinking, “What am I going to do with all these toys?” our online guides explain how to organize your space to optimize playtime, including how many toys to keep in the play area at a time and when to rotate or retire a toy.


When your child has outgrown a toy, you can opt-in to our Donation Program to bring early education to children in need. Just let us know and we’ll send you a free shipping label.

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