We've loved our journey offering better beginnings for thousands of children. But since our journey has come to an end, we think you should meet our friends at Lalo.

Lalo makes baby products parents are proud to own. They put the same exacting care into every design as we did and they're setting out to provide each parent value beyond just the products. Founded by 2 dads, they know a little bit about the challenges parents face when raising their little one.

Looking for amazing toys? We found a company we think you'll love.

Rooted in their commitment to education, honesty, and quality, they hold themselves to the highest quality and safety standards for their toys. Their approach is grounded in many of the same insights and philosophies of Monti Kids.

Lalo is a parent favorite brand, and they’re award winning Play Boxes give you a great option for Montessori-inspired learning and play.

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Overhead view of a child playing with the pegs from  the cylinder drop toy

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