Monti Kids toys last for generations, and one of the questions we get most frequently is “How can I donate my Monti Kids toys?” We have created a partnership with a fantastic organization to help you get your well-loved, outgrown toys to children in need.

Lumin Education - Dallas, Texas

Lumin Education’s mission is to transform education by starting young, involving parents, and creating learning environments to inspire children from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.

Lumin Education understands that in order for parents to make education and child development a priority, first the family’s basic needs must be met. After helping families get back on their feet, educators help families start Montessori at home in the critical years from 0-3 when 85 percent of the brain is developed. 

“That’s when we can make a difference in the child’s development and that’s the sensitive period for learning parenting skills,” said Charo Alarcon, Montessori Mentor, Lumin Education. 

Lumin’s parent educators help teach the families about child development, and show them how to engage with their child using Monti Kids toys through the Monti Kids instructional videos. There’s also a toy lending library where parents can check out Monti Kids toys and return them for other families to use.  

“The impact of working with these toys will stay with the child for the rest of her life. And it will make a huge difference once she gets to that academic level of learning. To have had all of these sensorial experiences, and this appreciation for beauty, and just to know that she was valued, that people cared about her, that she’s important enough for others to care. That is a huge thing,” said Alarcon.

How to Donate

If you’re interested in donating your child’s outgrown Monti Kids toys simply shoot us an email. We’ll reply with instructions and next steps for how to get your toys in the hands of a child in need.