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What is Montessori

A proven educational approach created more than a century ago, the Montessori Method is now used by over 20,000 schools worldwide. It includes a thoughtfully prepared environment of curated toys and materials geared towards fostering the unique growth and development of each child.

How your child benefits

The Montessori Method addresses your child’s cognitive, physical, linguistic, social, and emotional development. Researchers have long recognized the many benefits of Montessori, where “learning how to learn” is the best foundation for success.

baby with rolling drum

Learning Through Play

Each toy in our curriculum promotes curiosity, creative play and learning while supporting language development, executive functioning and brain growth.

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Embodied Learning

Montessori education prescribes learning through doing, involving as many senses as possible to stimulate motor and cognitive development.

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Montessori environments cultivate creativity through thoughtful design and materials, child-directed learning and a playful approach to education.

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Our curriculum is expertly timed so children repeatedly enter their ideal zone for learning, encouraging a growth mindset and healthy self-esteem.

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Montessori fosters independence through the thoughtful design of each toy, the layout of the play space, and the way you interact with your child.

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Concentration and Flow

Intense, immersive concentration is a state that inspires creativity, productivity and joy - exactly what Montessori settings are designed to foster.

Before preschool, there’s Monti Kids.

The first three years of life are a critical period in brain development. Our expert-designed program enables parents and caregivers to prepare an authentic Montessori environment from the very start.

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Designed and created by internationally certified Montessori educators, our authentic, high-quality toys use only sustainably forested wood, non-toxic inks, and safety certified for babies 0-3 years.

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In addition to our authentic Montessori toys, you’ll receive a 12-week email course with video guides and articles that show you how to prepare an environment that supports growth and learning, and keep your child active, engaged, and thriving.

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Personalized Support

As fellow parents, we understand how important it is to receive advice from experts, which is why our exclusive program includes direct support from our team of experienced Montessori educators.

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