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Object Permanence Learning Set

Safety Age Grade: 19m+

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Object Permanence: the understanding that something exists even though we can see it. This cognitive ability develops over mamy months and is one of the most easily observed. Starting with the simple and moving to the complex is a Montessori characteristic that this set supports in your little one's development of the concept. Each material builds on the last deepening their understanding. This set comes with 4 different and progressive learning toys, each working to expand your child's understanding of the concept of object permanence.
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Materials & Care

Wood items: FSC-certified wood. 100% non-toxic, water-based stain and finish.

Crochet ball: 100% cotton crochet. 100% new polyester stuffing.

Wood items: Wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap, then wipe with a clean damp cloth. Dry immediately. Do not submerge in water or have prolonged contact with liquids.

Crochet ball: Spot clean only.

This set includes toys and activities that promote object permanence, such as a box with a sliding lid, nesting cups, and balls that disappear and reappear.
Child plays with box with drawer and ball
Child reaches for a ball that has come out of the Object Permanence box
Adult hold the box whiel child slides the lid open with block in hand
Child opens the drawer of the box with drawer
Adult watches while child places a ball on top of the box

What's In The Box

First Object Permanence Box

First Object Permanence Box

Early object permanence concepts form as your baby sits and coordinates two hands, strengthening their core for gross motor development.

Hide and Seek Object Permanence Box

Hide and Seek Object Permanence Box

After mastering the First Object Permanence Box in the previous Toolkit, the Hide and Seek Object Permanence Box challenges your baby to remember and look for an object that is not in sight.

Hide and Slide Object Permanence Box

Hide and Slide Object Permanence Box

Little ones are fascinated by the hexagonal chip and prism inside this wooden box, specially designed to support hand-eye coordination and the concept of object permanence.

Sequence Planning Box

Sequence Planning Box

Teaches your child to plan ahead and create steps in their mind to execute and achieve a goal.