School Level 3

$297.00 for 3 months

As children ages 6 months and older gain the ability to move their body, they can engage in more self-directed learning. The toys in Level 3 help to develop your student’s locomotion while building cognitive skills. These toys help to optimize development by providing just enough challenge, without being over stimulating. The Level 3 curriculum will teach you how to promote your student’s language, motor, cognitive, and social-emotional skills. Through simple videos and articles, we will guide you through using the toys and laying a strong foundation for learning.

In Level 3, your student will:

  • Build concentration, focus, and curiosity
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Boost language skills
  • Refine visual coordination
  • Engage in sensory play that encourages exploration
  • Strengthen core muscles and limbs in preparation for crawling
  • Establish the cognitive milestone of object permanence
  • Experiment with trial and error and problem solving
  • Develop early spatial reasoning
  • Grow their sense of initiative and determination

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Level 3 includes:

  • Spinning Drum
  • Rolling Drum
  • Basket with Balls
  • Object Permanence Box
  • Rocking Stacker
  • Shape Fitting
  • Level 3 online curriculum

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Dimensions 19 × 15 × 9 in


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