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Montessori-Based Activities to Help Keep Your Toddler Entertained

With so many families staying home due to COVID-19, many parents are looking for clever ways to help keep their kiddos entertained. Thankfully, there are loads of screen-free, developmental games and activities for toddlers that are rooted in the Montessori philosophy.

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Coronavirus-Related School Closures Keep Extending: Easy Tips to Keep Working from Home with Toddlers Around

As school closures continue to extend, parents are reevaluating how to make their time working from home - with toddlers as coworkers - more sustainable. Zahra Kassam of Monti Kids has some suggestions.

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TEDx Talk: How to Expand Your Baby’s Potential With Education From Birth

Monti Kids founder Zahra Kassam took the stage at TEDx Manhattan Beach to explain how parents can provide a thoughtfully designed environment to support their baby's brain development during the most critical years, from 0-3.

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The Mom Behind Monti Kids Wants to Maximize Your Baby’s Brain Development

Monti Kids toys standout from the dearth of conventional plastic and polyester toys on the market, and spent years in development. Instead of being centered around flashy-lights and songs, there is so something simple and beautiful about the toys. But for Kassam, Monti Kids stands out from the competition by being an education company who makes toys because that is how babies learn.

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32 of the Best Baby Toys of 2019

Whether you have an infant who's just starting to discover the world around them or an older baby who crawls everywhere and loves to play, finding the right baby toy for them is important in their development, and in their safety (you definitely don't want to bring home any potential choking hazards). Since you likely have all of your newborn essentials already, it's time to think about the fun toys that will help them flourish. From walkers to STEM blocks, here are 32 great toys for babies.

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Products We are Loving in October

Subscribers to this Montessori-based service have access to eight levels of safe, age-appropriate toys for ages 3 and younger -- including corresponding online video guides -- delivered quarterly.

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Why Working Mothers Should Lower Their Standards

Zahra holds a BA in Psychology from Harvard and a Master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is an internationally certified Montessori teacher at the infant, toddler and preschool levels and a mother to two young boys. Through Monti Kids, Zahra is filling the education gap from birth to preschool, the most critical years of development when 85% of the brain is formed.

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The 5 Best Montessori Toys for Babies

Believe it or not, while your baby may have a few years before her first day of school, you can still use Montessori-inspired learning techniques the day your baby is born.

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50 Mom Invented Products Our Editors Love

When Zahra Kassam learned that 85% of a child’s brain is formed by age three, before they even go to school, she knew that she had to do somethingespecially being a new parent herself. So, she created Monti Kids, the only program for children 0-3 that gives parents in-home access to the Montessori curriculum.

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Monti Kids: Ready to Teach

Monti Kids is the only programme that gives parents access to the world’s number early education curriculum, Montessori, via an easy to use in-home subscription.