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Toilet Learning for Toddlers

18+ months

A course for parents created by Nichole Holtvluwer, Stacy Keane, and Catherine Yeo.

Avoid the stress of traditional "potty training" with our thoughtful Montessori approach to Toilet Learning. Our experts share how to support your child's intrinsic desire for independence as they transition from diapers to toilet use.

What you'll learn:

  • How to identify when your child is ready for toilet learning
  • How to prepare your home and bathroom
  • How to prepare yourself for the toilet learning process
  • Tips and suggestions for the learning process, including night time solutions and a conversation about rewards

What you'll get:

  • 3 articles
  • 5 Montessori theory videos
  • Interactive assessment to create your own "Toileting Learning Plan"
  • A printable log, to track patterns and progress
  • Printable Language Cards to support bathroom vocabulary
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Meet the Experts

Created by child development experts who are parents, too!


Stacy Keane

Stacy Keane

AMI Montessori certified teacher, M.Ed.

As the Head of the Monti Kids Learning Team, AMI certified educator and consultant Stacy contributes extensively to our curriculum and makes sure she stays relevant by working with new and expecting parents. “As an educator I was surprised by the amount of support I needed as a parent, and it is my goal that every Monti Kids family receives this support from the very beginning - we’re in this together!”

Catherine Yeo

Catherine Yeo

AMI Montessori certified teacher

AMI certified educator Catherine has spent eight years teaching in Montessori classrooms.  Now she shares her wealth of expertise with parents as a member of the Monti Kids Learning Team.  “When I became pregnant with my first child in 2019 I immediately signed up for the Monti KidsⓇ Program and have been hooked ever since!”

Nichole Holtvluwer

Nichole Holtvluwer

AMI Montessori certified teacher, Founder of Radicle Beginnings

Through over two decades of experience and observation Nichole has built an understanding of the life and times of the youngest of children. She believes when young children are respected and understood by the adults around them, they have the power to change the course of the world. “My goal is simple - to help you help your child.”


Course Curriculum

How to Use These Lessons
What Toilet Learning Readiness Looks Like
How to Prepare Your Space
Getting Ready Mentally: Printable Log
Generate A Toilet Learning Plan (QUIZ)
Tips for Parents Before The Big Day
How to Navigate The First Day Without Diapers
What Rewards Do We Offer?
Printable Language Cards
Toilet Learning: What to Expect At Night
What Products Can Help My Toddler's Toilet Learning?