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Raising Independent Children from Birth

0 months +

A course for parents created by Zahra Kassam, Stacy Keane, and Catherine Yeo.

Use proven Montessori philosophy to support your child's independence and individuality. In this course, our experts offer practical advice you can start applying to your home and routines today!

What you'll learn:

  • What Montessori is and how it can help you nurture your child's development
  • How to encourage independence and self-care at every age
  • Fun ways to support development through household activities
  • How to create a play space that supports your child's brain development

What you'll get:

  • 10 articles
  • 3 Montessori theory videos
  • 4 Kitchen activity videos
  • 1 Printable Scavenger hunt activity
  • 10 unique sets of printable vocabulary cards to use with your little one

See the full course curriculum here.

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Meet the Experts

Created by child development experts who are parents too!


Stacy Keane

Stacy Keane

AMI Montessori certified teacher, M.Ed.

As the Head of the Monti Kids Learning Team, AMI certified educator and consultant Stacy contributes extensively to our curriculum and makes sure she stays relevant by working with new and expecting parents. “As an educator I was surprised by the amount of support I needed as a parent, and it is my goal that every Monti Kids family receives this support from the very beginning - we’re in this together!”

Catherine Yeo

Catherine Yeo

AMI Montessori certified teacher

AMI certified educator Catherine has spent eight years teaching in Montessori classrooms.  Now she shares her wealth of expertise with parents as a member of the Monti Kids Learning Team.  “When I became pregnant with my first child in 2019 I immediately signed up for the Monti KidsⓇ Program and have been hooked ever since!”

toddler with gluing set

Zahra Kassam

AMI Montessori certified teacher, M.Ed., Founder of Monti Kids

Zahra founded Monti Kids because even with all of her super powers, she couldn’t provide a comprehensive Montessori education for her infant son. With two degrees from Harvard, 10+ years teaching experience, and an AMI Montessori certification, she was well qualified for the challenge. “Simply, I want to give kids the best education and parents the best support.”

Course Curriculum

What Age Can You Start Montessori? Birth!
Six Key Elements of The Montessori Philosophy
Playing the Montessori Way
How to Set Up a Playspace for Your Baby
How to Set Up a Playspace for Your Toddler and Beyond
Understanding Concentration
What Makes a Toy a Montessori Toy?
A Grown-Up's Job in Montessori? To Observe!
Rotating Toys
Practical Life Activities
Independence and Self-Care
Getting to the Magic Learning Zone
What Are Montessori Activities?
Transferring Activities Around the House
Cooking Together: Making Salad
Kitchen Fun: Making a Smoothie
Experiment: Sink or Float
Baking Together: Banana Muffins
Language Cards: Multiple Sets