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Raising Independent Children from Birth

A course for parents created by Zahra Kassam, Stacy Keane, and Catherine Yeo.

Use proven Montessori philosophy to support your child's independence and individuality. In this course, our experts offer practical advice you can start applying to your home and routines today!

What you'll learn:

  • What Montessori is and how it can help you nurture your child's development
  • How to encourage independence and self-care at every age
  • Fun ways to support development through household activities
  • How to create a play space that supports your child's brain development

What you'll get:

  • 10 articles
  • 3 Montessori theory videos
  • 4 Kitchen activity videos
  • 1 Printable Scavenger hunt activity
  • 10 unique sets of printable vocabulary cards to use with your little one

See the full course curriculum here.

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We've got the tools you need to help your baby thrive.