A Message From Our Founder: The Month of Love

February 5, 2019

“Of all things, love is the most potent.” – Maria Montessori

Dear Monti Kids family,

February is the month of love, and we hope you feel it! At Monti Kids, we are grounded in love. Our company was born out of love for children and we strive to pass that love onto our Monti Kids families in the work that we do.

I recently attended a workshop called “The Magic of Human Connection.” It involved gazing into a stranger’s eyes before even speaking to them and exchanging long, lingering hugs. It was awkward. But by the end, it was so healing. The facilitator, Jessica Encell Coleman, talked about how these days, more and more of us practice yoga or meditation to work on ourselves as individuals. Social connection is a critical nutrient for our well-being yet many of us are deficient in this nutrient and we rarely work on improving our capacity to relate to one another, heart to heart.

When I talked to the other workshop attendees, I heard how few of them experience this level of connection on a regular basis. And I thought about how we, as parents of young children, get those juicy hugs, those intimate moments of bonding, all the time. That unfiltered love is such a blessing to us as adults. For our children, that level of connection is exactly what Jessica described: a critical nutrient for their development. Deep emotional connection from birth is what lays the foundation for lifelong health, well-being and learning. Affection literally impacts the development of a baby’s brain. And because emotions are stored at the brain’s core, they are intrinsically linked with your baby’s capacity to learn. So soak up those baby snuggles and remember that they’re heart and brain food – for both of you!



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