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Monti Kids® Program: Level 11

31-33 months

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This is Level 11 of The Monti Kids® Program, a three-year curriculum designed by Montessori educators. When you subscribe, you'll receive support for your toddler's learning with a delivery of authentic Montessori toys and developmental activities every three months, plus expert support for you.

With the ability to understand patterns, at this stage your little one is ready for game play and social activities. In this Level, you’ll introduce gross motor challenges and open-ended activities whose play patterns you'll repeat and expand on for years.

The Monti Kids® Program

Nurture your child’s independence and individuality.
Empower your parenting with joy and confidence.

Your Parent Learning Center on MontiKids.com includes

  • Toy Rotation Guide A visual printable that will show you what to look for as your child develops so that you can introduce the right toys at the right time.

  • Instructional Videos Created by Montessori teachers to demonstrate how to present new activities to your little one.

  • Milestone Articles Easy-to-read information about the magical milestones -- and challenges -- in your child's current stage of development.

On-demand support is part of the deal.
Montessori Parent Coaching

On-demand support is part of the deal.

Our subscription includes one-on-one parent coaching from certified child development experts. You'll have on-demand answers to your parenting questions from sleep to learning -- even challenging behaviors!

Your personal Modern Montessori village is waiting.
Modern Montessori Village

Your personal Modern Montessori village is waiting.

Our online community is a no-judgement zone where parents can ask questions about the Monti Kids Program or any other aspect of parenting. Our Learning Team is there to moderate, but the support and ideas that parents in our community give each other are priceless!

What's In The Box

Peg Board

Peg Board

This open-ended toy presents an opportunity for exploration of patterns, numbers, and spatial relationships.

Mystery Bag 2

Mystery Bag 2

Building on the Mystery Bag 1 activity in Level 10, recalling the random objects in Mystery Bag 2 will further test and strengthen your child's memory.

Formula Puzzle

Formula Puzzle

Help your child recognize and create patterns with this early STEM toy, uniquely designed with pieces that represent the parts of algebraic formulas.

Yoga Pose Cards

Yoga Pose Cards

Designed with realistic illustrations of children in yoga poses in both Sanskrit and English, these cards challenge control and balance while promoting relaxation.

Stepping Circles Activity

Stepping Circles Activity

Six brightly-colored silicone circles and pattern cards encourage gross motor fun as children hop from one circle to the next.

Water Run

Water Run

Enjoy water play both outside and in the bath with a silicone set and stainless steel pitcher that lets children create their own exciting water run.

We begin with child development.
Montessori Toy Designer

We begin with child development.

How children use their mouths, hands, and muscles to explore new materials is what guides our design team. They combine that expertise with art and mathematics to create heirloom-quality toys that activate your child’s most powerful learning zone.

Sustainability is a Monti Kids value. Safety is a Monti Kids obsession.

We believe in making toys that last for generations. All of our materials are chosen for their safety as well as their function and beauty.

Montessori Materials Blocks

Our wooden toys are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as sustainably sourced.

Montessori Materials Cards

Our stains, silicones, paper, and inks are all non-toxic and child-friendly.

Monessori Materials Box

In our factories, we make every effort to minimize our carbon footprint with our eco-friendly packaging choices. We ensure fair hours, occupational health and safety, and no child labor.

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