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Meet Our Montessori Educators

Monti Kids Team: Zahra Kassam

Zahra Kassam


Zahra founded Monti Kids because even with all of her super powers, she couldn’t provide a comprehensive Montessori education for her infant son. With 2 degrees in Psychology and Education from Harvard, 10+ years teaching/school administration experience, & international certification as an AMI Montessori teacher for ages 0-6, she was well qualified for the challenge. She is the face, voice, hands (yes, it’s her in those videos!), brain, and heart of Monti Kids. She loves to dance and demonstrate toys to her son (not at the same time, though maybe that should be our next video).

Monti Kids Team: Maria

Maria “Chacha” Teresa Vidales

Montessori Advisor

Chacha is the Yoda of the Montessori infant/toddler curriculum. She oversaw the design and fabrication of the Montessori materials for this age group. Not only does she delight in teaching the lucky children in her school (as she has for 27+ years), she is a world-renowned (Association Montessori Internationale) AMI trainer of Montessori teachers. Beloved by all, she helps her protégées be their “best selves” for their baby students, and she helps us be our best selves for your baby student. She loves flowers, speaks in poetry, and is taller than Yoda.

Monti Kids Team: Stacy Keane

Stacy Keane

Montessori Expert

As if having 3 kids of her own wasn’t enough to make her an expert, Stacy is also a certified AMI Montessori teacher with almost 15 years experience teaching 0 – 6 year olds and has a Masters in Education. She contributes extensively to our curriculum and makes sure she stays relevant by continuing to work with new & pregnant moms. Stacy likes to cycle & swim with her kids, photograph kids, and cheer for the Badgers (presumably with her kids). At Monti Kids, our enthusiasm for kids goes far beyond our work!

Monti Kids Team: Bérénice Saint-Saëns

Bérénice Saint-Saëns

Montessori Expert

We were able to lure Berenice away directly from her Montessori toddler classroom, where she was everyone’s favorite teacher. Her kind, warm demeanor puts us all at ease, even when we are acting like her former students (Circle Time, everyone!). She uses her Doula experience, Masters in Education and AMI certification to help coach Monti Kids families when they need extra guidance, and to lead our parent/baby classes to support child development. Berenice also manages our affiliate program to help spread the word about Monti Kids. She has her own toddler puppy at home, who is very tempted to help us test the durability of our toys.