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Montessori Newsflash: This Easy-To-Read Book Explains Montessori for Babies

The Montessori approach can start right at birth if new parents nurture and respect their baby’s development with a mindset that our role as parents is to be a guide, and to observe and respond, but not to control.

This is the key message of The Montessori Baby, a new title from Simone Davies and Junnifa Uzodike.

The Montessori Baby by Simone Davies and Junnifa Uzodike

In this book, we learn to challenge some of our impulses (to take advantage of our babies’ absorbent mind by cramming educational videos into their daily routine; to buy any piece of gear that sounds like it solves a problem; to entertain baby around the clock) and ask ourselves to slow down, to observe our baby’s needs, and to respond at a pace that suits our unique child.

The authors introduce the Montessori principles, how to set up the home, and key parenting strategies for supporting a respectful relationship between adults and babies.

The emphasis on simplicity is carried throughout the book, with encouragement to own less “stuff” and offer a baby only a few things to interact with at a time. Below is a page on which the authors suggest a nursery layout for the first months and then for older babies.

Diagram from The Montessori Baby Book
Image used with permission from Workman Publishing

The Montessori Baby offers many lessons for parents, caregivers, and grandparents who may be interested in this approach to supporting their new baby’s development.

It was published by Workman Publishing in May 2021 and can be found on and other places books are sold.

Montessori Activities for Babies

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