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Printable: Language Card Collections For Building Vocabulary

Language Cards are a simple, versatile material to add to your baby’s activities.

There’s really no wrong way to use them and you can make them yourself with magazine photos, applying stickers to index cards, or printing these free Monti Kids cards on photo paper.

Montessori Language Cards

We’re posting new language cards each month, so Pin or bookmark this page to keep getting them.

How to Print Monti Kids Printable Language Cards

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a preview of each pack of cards and links to download them in PDF or a ZIP file of JPGs.

The PDF file is best for printing at home. Each image is on a 4″ x 6″ page, designed for photo paper. You can also print on any paper and cut them out. If you will be cutting from standard printer paper, note that you can print two pages per sheet to save paper.

The JPG file is offered for families who want to upload the images to a photo printing service such as Walgreen’s, CVS, Shutterfly, or Amazon’s Print Service. (As of this writing, Amazon charges Prime members $0.15 per 4×6 photo, no shipping.)

How to Introduce Monti Kids Printable Language Cards

Start with three cards at a time and build up your collection as your child learns the names for the objects. There are nine images in each of these downloads. The reason we present language objects and cards to our little ones in a classified way, for example, winter items, fruits, or vehicles as separate sets, is to support a child’s organization and classification of vocabulary. 

Here are some different ways to use the cards:

A Three-Period Lesson

Borrowed from a Montessori technique called the Three-Period lesson, first provide the name of the item. “This is a picture of snowpants,” and so on with three of the cards. Then, play a game in the second period: Ask your child to point to the hat, or say, “Hand me the boots.” You can do this as long as they’re enjoying it. We introduce the third period (“What is this?”) for children over 3, when they have the verbal confidence to answer. We don’t want to curb enthusiasm for speaking in early toddlerhood. 

Photo Album
Add the images to an empty 4 x 6 photo album and use it as you would use any board book, simply turning the pages and talking about the objects together. 

Offer the printed images on a tray that your child can select independently from a shelf. Some children enjoy lining up the cards in an orderly fashion and some will like to sort through them randomly. Many families invest in an at-home laminator to preserve their printed materials. (This one is about $20.)

Montessori Language Cards

Throughout the year, we will add to our language card collections. Sign up to receive Monti Kids learning tips via email and you’ll be notified when new packs are available. There is a sign-up form at the top of this post.

Download Language Cards for Printing

Montessori Printable Language Cards
Emotions Language Cards - Montessori

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