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{TikTok} Where to Put A Learning Potty And Other Supplies for Toddlers in the Bathroom

A floor potty is the ideal bathroom tool for toddlers who are learning to use the toilet because they can get to it on their own, boosting their sense of independence and self-confidence.

Watch our popular TikTok video to see everything else we suggest placing in the bathroom during the toilet learning process. Or, scroll down to read the list.

What you’ll need in the bathroom besides a potty training toilet that your child can access independently

A basket with 2-3 pairs of undies. Offering a limited choice is another way to empower toddlers who like to be in charge. Allowing them to choose from a basket of dry undies helps convey that getting undies wet is part of the process. We offer a prepared environment so that the response to wet undies is neutral. “These undies are wet. Can you get a pair of the dry ones?” Feeling wet underwear is an important part of the sensory experience of learning that disposable diapers and pull-ups don’t offer because they absorb the moisture.

Books to support spending more time sitting on the potty seat.  One of the most challenging parts of toilet learning is that toddlers don’t like to sit still for long — especially if it wasn’t their idea! They are too busy for that. A basket of books will invite them to stay put long enough to give the potty a chance. Potty training-themed books are useful tools to help promote imitation of the activity they see in the books of children using the potty or washing their hands.

Wet wipes and toilet paper.  Monti Kids learning team leader Stacy Keane says that she offers, “First you have a turn, then I have a turn,” when it comes to wiping. (That way the adult has the final judgement on hygiene!)

Clothing hamper. A basket for wet clothes is another way to normalize “accidents”. By encouraging little ones to manage clean and dirty clothes, they feel part of the process. Also, they love carrying large objects. Invite your child to help you bring the hamper to the washing machine.

A bathroom stool. Providing a child with access to the sink makes independent hand-washing possible. 

Throughout every step, we can encourage our children not only by saying “I know you can do this!” with our words, but also with the environment we provide them for learning. 

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