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Indoor Gross Motor and Climbing Toys for Montessori Homes

We recently covered the concept that children need to exert maximum effort on a daily basis. So how do we empower them to do that?

One of the fun discussions that recently took place among Monti Kids families in our program was about indoor climbing toys, such as the Pikler Triangle, a popular Montessori tool that enables children to practice big motor skills.

Families in the Monti Kids® program are in an online learning group together, facilitated by a Montessori educator. 

Here are five favorite products for encouraging the practice of gross motor skills indoors.

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pikler triangle
Wooden Climbing Triangle from Sprout Kids: Save 10% with code MONTICLIMB

The Pikler Triangle or Climbing Triangle

This smooth-edged, stable structure invites toddlers to try their hand at climbing, which both develops confidence and uses their muscles! Babies love to use it for pulling up to a stand. Many of the systems on the market, like the foldable version from Sprout Kids (pictured above) come with add-ons like a ramp.

The Pikler Triangle is a Montessori classic, but it’s not the only thing that can bring big fun into your play area. Read on!

Source: little dove Wooden Balance Board on Amazon.com

Wooden Balance Board

Sold under names like Wavee board or Wobbel board, this simple curved piece of wood engages a child’s full body — and their imagination. Stand on it, sit in it, or place it against a couch and slide down it. One Monti Kids mom says that her son has gotten “hours of play out of this”. The version made by Lily and River is called “Little Surfer“.

Photos of The Nugget used with permission from JillKrause.com

A Foldable Kids Couch

Another embodied learning opportunity, The Nugget has made a big impression on families with its versatile use for climbing, folding, dragging, and tent-making. As of this writing, The Nugget is back ordered, but there are other options, and any foldable floor mattress will have a long life in your house for children’s sleepovers in the future.

Indoor Climbing Gym

If you’ve got the space for it, an assemble-it-yourself climbing dome is versatile.

The footprint is about six feet by six feet, and if you throw a sheet over the top, it becomes an igloo-shaped clubhouse.

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Foam Wedges And Other Obstacle Course Materials

A set of soft toddler stairs with a ramp was recommended by one Monti Kids mom, while another said she bought a Foamnasium playset and loves it. 

All of these items are invitations for babies and toddlers to develop their balance and coordination while satisfying their insatiable desire to climb. As your baby becomes more daring, finding opportunities for them to exercise their new skills safely allows you to encourage independence, too.

Where to Buy Gross Motor Play Items

Favorites listed above and others named by Monti Kids families:

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