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Educational Toys for 7-Month-Old Babies: What Can They Really Learn?

Before your baby begins to crawl, they will be experimenting with other ways to move around. Their ability to control their movements is refining rapidly, and they take great satisfaction in using their ability to reach intentionally for a a toy (and bring it to their mouth for further exploration!)

Three milestones we can notice around this age are:

  • Lifting belly off the floor as they ready their muscles to do more hands and knees coordination.
  • Moving from tummy into sitting position, a huge step in independence! Your baby may balance in the sitting position, but being able to put themselves there enables them to free their hands to pick up toys once they are upright.
  • Moving fingers independently, an evolution from the raking grasp that younger babies use. Your little one will be able to pick up smaller items with more control over their fingers.

What toys are designed for a 7-month old’s skills?

Keeping in mind that our little ones have an inherent desire to practice and refine their new skills, here are the toys Monti Kids has selected for seven-month-olds.

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Best toys for 7-Month-Olds

Interlocking Discs

Interlocking Discs

The unique shape of this wooden toy helps your baby practice hand-to-hand transfer. Notice that your baby is now able to reach for their own dropped toys. They will be challenged to use different grasps to pick this one up.

Hex with Balls

Hex With Balls

While the middle rod moves, your baby adjusts their finger positions to compensate, strengthening their fine motor skills. (Now is a good time to place a few toys on a low shelf, to encourage your baby to independently reach for the items they wish to investigate.)

Rolling Drum

Rolling Drum

This toy rolls just a bit and then stops, tempting your baby to pursue it and building strength and perseverance. (File this one under tummy time activities your baby won’t hate!)

First Object Permanence Box

First Object Permanence Box

When your baby can balance their upper body in a sitting position, they have unlocked a new freedom! Both of their hands are now free to use together. At first your baby will coordinate their two hands in the same way, such as clapping or patting. Next, they will begin to use their two hands for different purposes. This box and ball introduce the concept of object permanence: an object exists even if we can’t see it.

Rainbow Nesting Cups

Rainbow Nesting Cups

Made of food-grade silicone, the Rainbow Nesting Cups build your child’s problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. Picking up the cups from the rim will help develop their pincer grasp.

Wooden Rainbow Blocks

Wooden Rainbow Blocks

These infant-sized, proportional blocks build math and spatial skills that will be used for years to come. As your baby masters handling this new three-dimensional shape, you can introduce the idea of stacking the blocks.

First Food Books

First Foods Book

The simple, realistic images in this beautiful book familiarize children with new vocabulary words as they explore and experience solid foods.

All of the toys in this post are part of Monti Kids® Movement Toolkit, which comes with instructional videos and support to help you know exactly how to make the most of playtime with your baby.

To browse the Monti Kids curriculum for every stage from 0-3, visit our Montessori toy shop.


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