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A Day in the Life: Montessori inspiration from ‘Babe’ and family

For this edition of A Day in the Life, we visit Babe and her family. Babe’s mom is an occupational therapist, a Montessori mom and a minimalist. She works hard to infuse Babe’s days with developmentally appropriate activities.

Babe’s mom shares inspiration from their day:

Our day always starts with Babe helping to make my coffee – she loves scooping and transferring. She also enjoys preparing her own breakfast like adding berries and milk in a small pitcher to her cereal. After breakfast Babe always makes sure to feed her best pal ‘Pup,’ scooping and transferring the dog food.

After everyone eats, Babe gets ready for the day! She has a small vanity where can brush her hair and teeth while looking in the mirror.

When it’s time to leave the house, Babe knows exactly where to find her shoes and jacket.
Babe enjoys lots of playtime throughout the day. She’s really been loving these the Shapes on Pegs from Monti Kids Level 6 lately! After her nap time, Babe loves to help around the house, often putting dishes away in the kitchen. We use ceramic dishes so she can be given the responsibility to care for beautiful things, and learn the natural consequences if one breaks.
The Baking Set pictured is included in the Monti Kids subscription for babies 23-28 months
Babe loves to bake! We try to bake something every week since it’s great for her fine motor skills and confidence. She always looks like a pro in her baking outfit while using toddler friendly tools – thanks to the Monti Kids Baking Set from Level 7!
Babe and Dad read books together every night before bed, which is great for her language. She’s generally worn out after her busy days and sleeps well in her floor bed.
For more inspiration from Babe and her family, follow @briningupbabe on Instagram.

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