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A Day in the Life: Meet @montessoriinreallife and family

@montessoriinreallife is a certified AMS Montessori infant/toddler guide who is now a full time mama, living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, 2-year-old daughter “D” and 3-month-old son “S.” She infuses Montessori into all aspects of her children’s lives.

The day starts with reading a couple of books together in bed. Sometimes our dog joins in too! D loves her floor bed because she can quietly play or read before falling asleep or upon waking up.

After getting ready upstairs, she serves her own breakfast and takes it to the table.This might include cereal, oatmeal with toppings, avocado toast, and/or fresh oranges to juice.

D heads to her shelf and picks out one of her favorite but challenging works, the Monti Kids lacing activity.

Meanwhile, Baby S enjoys grasping and mouthing the Monti Kids ring and kicking at the Monti Kids crochet ball. He loves hearing the jingle of the bell inside each time he kicks the ball! Is there anything cuter than baby thighs?

After nap, D makes herself some “ants on a log” for snack. Making the snack at her kitchen and then waiting to eat it at her table is also great for teaching delayed gratification! Of course, a few tastes were had along the way. Her favorite part is carefully placing each “ant!”

Before we go outside, she puts on her shoes. We keep two shoe options by the door for her to choose from, and a step stool just the right size for her. D wasn’t very motivated to put on her own shoes until pretty recently. I also had to start stepping back and letting her have more time to try, which can be hard when we are in a hurry to get out the door! She still sometimes needs help, but I’ve found that soft but sturdy shoes, with one thick velcro strap is easiest for her. The tricky part is always getting the heel on, so I started by just having her close the strap and built up from there. I always leave shoes and slippers by the door for her to practice putting on or taking off when she feels like it!

Once outside, we pick blackberries and she plays at this water table my husband built for her birthday! Pouring water never gets old, and she can splash as much as she wants out here.

One of our favorite things to make together is vegan lasagna. She helps make the “ricotta”, spreads it on the noodles, and layers on the zucchini. She looks like quite the chef with her Monti Kids apron and hat! My husband built D a kitchen helper when she was about 14 months old so that she could stand up at the counter with me while I cooked. She’s always loved food and practical life, so I knew it’d be a hit. To start, I just gave her flour or water to pour and play with. Then I started giving her small tasks to help with, such as stirring baking ingredients, or adding ingredients to the blender. Over the past year, she’s enjoyed chopping, mixing, measuring, spreading, rolling, and of course, tasting, in the kitchen! She always enjoys eating meals that she’s helped prepare, so it’s been a great way to introduce new veggies.

While we waited for the lasagna to cook, she played at her shelf. She did not want to take off her apron or chef hat!

After dinner, we start the bedtime sequence. She has a step stool tall enough for her to reach the sink. We take turns brushing her teeth.

Lastly, she and her brother take a bath before bed. The two of them together just melt my heart.

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