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3 Practical Life Activities for At-Home Days

Including toddlers in daily life — social customs and chores — is a foundational Montessori principle. In fact, Maria Montessori would say that this is not how we teach them, but rather how they teach themselves, by watching us and imitating.

Since Dr. Montessori’s time, educators have further developed methods by which we introduce young children to the doing of daily life. 

On this page, you’ll see four different kitchen projects to try at home.

In Montessori, the role of the adult is to prepare the environment and to invite the child to try the activity. 

Watch: The videos on this page will show you what the prepared environment looks like and which steps your child can do as we make pizza, peel and cut a banana, and bake muffins.

Watch: Making Pizza

The Montessori approach recommends that the adult say very little as they show the child the steps. This way the child will watch our actions, not look at our moving mouths.

Watch: Peeling a Banana

Watch: Slicing a Banana

Watch: Baking Banana Muffins

Watch: Making a Salad

Allowing your child to participate in activities in the kitchen allows them to build confidence as they make a real contribution to the family.

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