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Montessori Toy Shelf

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An elegant solid birch shelf designed to display toys at eye level for babies and toddlers. 

Assembles easily -- no tools required.

Low shelves are a fundamental element of the Montessori method, enabling children to practice independence as they select the materials they wish to explore. 

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This beautiful birch shelf unit is designed to display toys within reach of babies and toddlers. Placing a curated selection of developmentally appropriate toys on a simple shelf fosters independence. 

Sturdy enough for baby to pull up on, the Monti Kids shelf will be a lasting piece of furniture, even when your child has grown up.

Designed for Monti Kids by Sprout. Made in the U.S.A.

Dimensions: 45"W x 13"H x 11.5"D

Free shipping to contiguous 48 states. Not available for international orders. To addresses in Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, and others), shipping is $50 additional. There may be shipping delays due to COVID-19.

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