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Montessori Toilet Learning Kit

18 months +
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Designed by child development experts to avoid the stress of traditional “potty training” methods, this kit will support your child’s transition from diapers to toilet independence using a thoughtful Montessori approach.

We’ve included everything you need to support your child’s bathroom independence, from a floor potty to a unique spout extender for easier hand-washing. Routine cards and a special board book will inspire your little one to get started.

Online parent support materials include videos and an interactive assessment to help you create your own customized toilet learning plan.

What’s included

  • A low potty that is just the right size for your toddler to get on and off by themselves
  • A book created by Montessori toilet learning experts that helps your child learn about the process and keep them engaged, on and off the potty
  • A faucet extender that allows children to independently wash their hands (our patent-pending design works on many different types of faucets)
  • A set of eight beautifully illustrated cards that help your child remember daily routines like brushing their teeth, bathing, and more
  • A cotton rope basket to hold books, wipes, a fresh pair of underwear, or anything else your child needs close by


Learning Benefits

Low Potty

Low Potty

This ideal first toilet empowers your child to gain toilet independence.

My Toilet Learning Journey Book

My Toilet Learning Journey Book

This beautifully illustrated book empowers children to understand the toilet process.

Routine Cards

Routine Cards

These illustrated cards promote the development of self-care routines.

Faucet Extender

Faucet Extender

This silicone tool supports hygiene and self agency.

Cotton Rope Basket

Cotton Rope Basket

Providing a basket with books and a change of underpants prepares your child for independence in the bathroom.

  • Printed Parent Guide: Information on the Montessori approach to toilet learning, how to get started, and cleaning instructions.
  • Access to the Parent Learning Center: Our online hub for parent support, created by Montessori child development experts, includes an interactive assessment based on your child’s age and readiness, articles and videos on how to help your child gain toilet independence, practical tips, and activities to support the process.
  • Exclusive Community Membership: Join the Monti Kids private online community moderated by a Montessori-trained child development expert.

You may be ready to start exploring the toilet learning process when your child is able to walk with confidence, stays dry for longer periods, and begins to exhibit curiosity and interest in what’s going on in the bathroom.


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