The Best Montessori Toys for Babies

Your new baby will learn more in their first year than any other year of life. When they are born, they can’t control their eyes, hands, or bodies. They are almost completely helpless. But your one-year-old will have a basic mastery of all these skills. They will follow movements in the world just by moving their eyes. They will move and walk. They will hold, manipulate, build, and draw with their hands.

With so much room for growth in that first year of life, imagine how much of an impact developmentally appropriate toys can make for your baby. They can encourage mastery of all these abilities in a positive and constructive way. Luckily, the Montessori curriculum begins at birth and offers baby learning toys that will support this development.

What developments do the best Montessori toys for babies support?


Your newborn baby opens their eyes and sees the world for the first time after they are born. It’s an incredible moment! Light, dark, shapes, and movement are all a part of this experience. Now they must learn to focus on what they are looking at and to be able to follow the object in their vision. By the time they are 12 months old, they can see things both near and far pretty well, and they can follow quick movements with their eyes. So, what can you do for your baby to support this progression? Montessori’s specially designed mobiles are ideal for this time period. The first mobile (the Munari mobile), which you can give right after birth, is black and white, to take advantage of your baby’s interest in high contrast visuals. It moves slowly in the natural currents of the air so that your baby has a chance of keeping their eyes with the floating elements.

Montessori mobiles then progress through various colors and shapes to allow your baby to develop all aspects of their vision. Once they are familiar with colors, the mobiles present the primary colors, and then a gradation of colors.

Best toys for newborn babies

Monti Kids’ Level 1 subscription box for newborns includes all four of the mobiles pictured, plus the activity gym from which to hang them.

Gradually, the mobiles take on elements that will move faster in the currents to allow their eyes to practice moving faster. And finally, the mobile will be composed of solid enough elements that it can withstand having your baby reach out and bat at an object. The mobiles do much to support the development of vision when your baby is small.

Fine motor skills.

When your baby is first born, they have a reflexive grip. They will hold on tightly to anything that you put in their hands. They have no control over this grip – –it happens automatically and they cannot let go. Likewise, they have no subtlety to their grip. Your little one will hold anything you give them in the same way and with their entire hand. Over the next year, they will lose this newborn grip, and begin to develop a mastery of how they operate their hands. Montessori rattles are the best toys to support your baby’s development in this area. These rattles are designed to initially take advantage of the reflexive grip. The first rattles come in different shapes so that the same grip will feel different depending on the size and shape of the rattle. As your baby loses their reflexive grip and becomes more purposeful in what they want to hold, you can give them slightly more complicated rattles. These rattles may have two or three different parts and move in different ways when your baby manipulates them. Some are designed to be used with two hands so that they can practice moving it from one hand to the other. All of these learning toys allow your baby to develop their fine motor skills and support the use of their hands.

Montessori rattles

These nine unique rattles are included in the Monti Kids Level 2 subscription box for babies 4-6 months.

Gross motor skills

In the first year of their life, your baby will go from laying down to crawling to standing up and walking. What learning toys will best help your baby with this? Montessori has various balls and other rolling toys that will encourage your baby’s movement. There is a basket of balls made of various materials that you can place, one ball at a time, in front of your baby to encourage them to scoot. You can rotate through the balls to offer a variety of visual and tactile experiences and to keep them motivated.

The balls move slowly enough that your baby will not be discouraged when they are slightly out of reach, and your baby has a chance of success as they work to coordinate their movement, and graduate to scooting and crawling. You can also give your baby the Rolling Drum, a cylindrical toy with wooden balls in it that will roll slowly away and inspire the same movement. Experiences with these learning toys will support the development of your baby’s gross motor movement in the first year of their life.

This Rolling Drum, along with the basket of balls in the background, the spinning drum on the shelf, plus three other Montessori toys for babies 7-10 months come in the Monti Kids Level 3 subscription box.

Hand-eye coordination

This ability connects what your baby is learning about their vision and their movement. Montessori offers so many specific learning toys for your baby to practice this ability during the first year of life. Hand-eye coordination begins with the final sturdy mobile, which allows them to bat and kick at its elements with success. Then you can offer a grasping ring, a ring hanging from an elastic string for them to practice grasping for. Once they lose interest in the ring, you can replace it with their various rattles, and they can keep practicing reaching for their toys and utilizing their developing hand-eye coordination. Once your baby has mastered this and is sitting up, you can give them Montessori learning toys that slowly increase the challenge for hand-eye coordination. First the Shape Fitting Toy, a ball that fits perfectly into a cup, then the Object Permanence Toy, a ball that goes into a hole, and then a variety of toys that offer different shapes and sizes to fit accordingly. Giving your baby these learning toys gives them opportunities to develop their hand-eye coordination during their first year.

Baby using Montessori toy, Peg Box

This Peg Box and everything on the shelf in the background — a total of six Montessori toys — come in the Monti Kids Level 4 subscription box for babies 11-13 months.

There is so much that your baby will learn in their first year of life. Montessori toys help set your baby up for success during these rapid changes. Montessori learning toys will support your baby’s development in all of these areas.

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