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Our Montessori Subscription

Created by a Montessori-certified teacher, Monti Kids provides a subscription-based, comprehensive, and authentic Montessori toy curriculum, proven by over 100 years of use in classrooms worldwide.

Level 1 (0 – 3.5 months)

Level 1 nurtures your child’s visual skills, motor development, concentration, physical coordination, body awareness, and strength right from birth. Includes:  

  • An adjustable wooden Activity Gym designed to hang Montessori mobiles and toys at the perfect height to engage your baby.
  • 4 classic Montessori mobiles to develop your baby’s visual skills and focus.
  • 4 reaching, grasping and kicking toys to build strength & motor skills.
  • Two rattles sized perfectly for your baby’s hands.
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Level 2 (4 – 6.5 months)

Level 2 helps your child gain control and mastery of their hands and core. Includes:

  • The Wooden Book for early language and literacy learning.
  • Nine unique rattles that strengthen your baby’s grasp, hand-eye coordination, and body control.
  • A set of 24 wooden blocks of different shapes, sized for your baby to grasp, that help develop spatial awareness.
  • The Dining Set, which encourages confident and independent eating.
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Level 3 (7 – 10.5 months)

Level 3 supports your child’s developing mobility while they build cognitive skills:

  • A colorful and rhythmic Rolling Drum that inspires curiosity and movement.
  • A Spinning Drum that develops hand-eye coordination and builds strength.
  • A basket of four balls with varying textures, weights, and rolling speeds.
  • The Object Permanence Box, a great problem-solving challenge.
  • A Monti Kids Rocking Stacker, designed for your baby’s little fingers to grasp.
  • A set of 3 Shape Fitting Puzzles in egg, cube, and spherical shapes.
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Level 4 (11 – 13.5 months)

Level 4 encourages your baby to experiment with cause and effect to boost their memory, and problem-solving skills. Includes:

  • The Object Permanence Box 2, building on the first with added challenge.
  • The Push Balls Set, which strengthens your child’s fingers and palms.
  • The Stable Stacker, which builds precision and motor skills.
  • A set of 4 First Puzzles, each with 1 shape, which develops early STEM skills.
  • The Peg Box, which advances fine motor skills and shape discrimination.
  • The Tracker, which builds visual tracking skills critical for preschool reading.  
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Level 5 (14 – 17.5 months)

Level 5 explores mathematical relationships and challenges early walkers. Includes:

  • The Duck Pull Toy, which develops control, balance and coordination.
  • The Multi-Shape Puzzles, which provide a new spatial reasoning challenge.
  • The Curved Dowel, which develops wrist strength and dexterity.
  • The Box with Bins, which builds working memory, and fine and gross motor skills.
  • The Coin Box, which offers hands-on experience with geometry.
  • The Mailbox, which teaches early geometric concepts and new vocabulary.
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Level 6 (18 – 22.5 months)

Level 6 encourages problem solving and tactile experimentation as your child learns to imagine and execute plans. Includes:

  • The Shapes on Pegs, which encourage spatial reasoning with 9 geometric solids.
  • The Bolt Board, which builds strength, dexterity, and perseverance.
  • The Language Set, a classic Montessori game used to introduce new vocabulary.
  • The Motor Planning Box, which encourages problem solving and builds strength.
  • The Bead Stringing Set, which encourages creativity, precision, and coordination.
  • The Sorting Set, which engages the tactile sense to classify shapes and textures.
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Level 7 (23 – 28 months)

Level 7 fosters your child’s independence and builds coordination, strength, and practical life skills through fine and gross motor challenges. Includes:

  • The Push Toy, which adds an extra challenge for walkers.
  • The Dressing Frames, which move from hook-and-loop to snaps, to buttons.
  • The Cylinder Drop, which encourages repetition and size discrimination.
  • The Baking Set, a perfect platform for exploring STEM, literacy, and life skills!
  • The Ring Slide, which gives your child practice with predicting consequences.
  • The Lacing activity, which encourages precision and patience.
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Level 8 (29 – 36 months)

Level 8 exercises your child’s executive function, which is among the greatest predictors of success in school and life. Includes:

  • The Peg Board, which develops spatial reasoning and math skills.
  • The Fabric Winder, which builds wrist strength and function.
  • The Fraction Circles, which provide concrete experience with mathematical concepts.
  • The Gluing Set, which teaches the basic skills your child needs to create artwork.
  • Three Mystery Bags, each with a specific theme, which build memory skills and encourage tactile exploration.
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