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Level 6 Online Course

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Receive 3 months of access to all lessons in the Level 6 digital course. These lessons support you in encouraging your child’s problem solving and tactile experimentation as they learn to imagine and execute plans.

This digital-only course is designed for those who have purchased pre-loved Monti Kids toys separately.

No toys are included in this purchase.
See all toys featured in the course.


  • The digital-only online course gives you access to the level you purchase for 3 months.
  • Coaching by Child Development Experts is not included in the digital-only program.
  • Replacements are not available for pre-loved toys.
  • No subscription required.

What's Included


3 Month Learning Program

Articles and video lessons created by certified Montessori educators and Child Development Experts, designed to support you during this specific period of your child’s development.

Wooden Book

On-Demand Video Library

12-online lessons for parents, including video instruction on how to set your environment, how to introduce the materials, and the research behind the program.

Private Membership

Private Membership

Moderated by our team of child development experts, our private online group is the place where you can connect, chat, and learn with other Monti Kids families.

Toy Videos and Articles Featured

Shapes on Pegs

Shapes on Pegs

This activity challenges a child to mentally manipulate shapes, visualizing patterns before creating them.

Bolt Board

Bolt Board

Strengthens the wrist while increasing your child’s confidence and desire to work and play independently.

Languge Set

Language Set

This set and accompanying video model the best process for introducing your child to new vocabulary.

Motor Planning Box

Motor Planning Box

Teaches your child to plan ahead and create steps in their mind to execute and achieve a goal.

Bead Stringing

Bead Stringing

Here your child will practice precision and using two hands in coordination as the beads progress in difficulty.



Here your child will develop their tactile sense while sorting objects that vary in texture, shape, and size by touch.

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