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Level 8 Montessori Box

29-36 months

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The Montessori materials in Level 8 exercise your child’s executive function, which is among the greatest predictors of success in school and life.

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Level 8 Montessori Box
Level 8 Montessori Box

In stock


    Subscription Information

    Level 8 is the last box in the Monti Kids subscription program. There may be shipping delays due to COVID-19.

    What’s included


    • The Peg Board, which develops spatial reasoning and math skills.
    • The Fabric Winder, which builds wrist strength and function.
    • The Fraction Circles, which provide concrete experience with mathematical concepts.
    • The Gluing Set, which teaches the basic skills your child needs to express themselves creatively!
    • Three Mystery Bags, each with a specific theme, which build memory skills and encourage tactile exploration.

    Learning Benefits

    Peg Board

    Peg Board

    This open-ended toy presents an opportunity for exploration of patterns, numbers, and spatial relationships.

    Fabric Winder

    Fabric Winder

    This fun cause and effect activity builds wrist strength that is vital for writing and other important tasks.

    Fraction Circles

    Fraction Circles

    This puzzle provides concrete experience with fractions, laying the foundation for mathematical understanding.

    Gluing Set

    Gluing Set

    A platform to teach your child skills that open up a world of creativity and art to explore.

    Mystery Bag: Classified

    Mystery Bag: Classified

    Exercises working memory as your child identifies objects by touch rather than by sight, strengthening the tactile sense.

    Mystery Bag: General

    Mystery Bag: General

    Building on the previous activity, recalling these random objects will further test and strengthen your child’s memory.

    Mystery Bag: Matching

    Mystery Bag: Matching

    The final mystery bag encourages matching by tactile exploration and introduces new vocabulary for geometric solids.

    What's Included


    3 Month Learning Program

    Articles and videos created by certified Montessori educators, delivered to your inbox weekly.

    Wooden Book

    On-Demand Video Library

    9 online lessons for parents, including video instruction on how to set your environment, how to introduce the materials and emails on the research behind the program

    Wooden Book

    Personal Coaching

    Access to personal coaching from a certified Montessori teacher

    Private Membership

    Private Membership

    Membership into the Monti Kids private community

    Find the Right Level for Your Baby

    Select Level 8 when your baby:

    • Ready for stacking and manipulating toys.
    • Is eager to feel the difference in things and tries to describe them.
    • Demonstrating stronger and more precise wrist movements.
    • Beginning to ask “Why?”

    Consider Level 7 if your baby is:

    • Can sit for longer periods of time with toys.
    • Shows an interest in dressing or undressing.
    • Wants to be involved with household chores such as washing tables or folding.

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