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Level 6 Montessori Box

18-22 months
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Level 6 encourages problem solving and tactile experimentation as your child learns to imagine and execute plans.

With guidance from the videos and coaching included in this subscription bundle, you'll learn when and how to introduce each toy.

Start Level 6 when your child works with both hands together, is interested in how things feel or look (more discriminating), and wants to open and close household items.

Consider Level 7 when your child is showing interest in caring for themselves or the home, is able to use their pincer grasp to string beads and pick up challenging objects such as paper or rice.

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Level 6 Montessori Box
Level 6 Montessori Box

In stock


    Subscription Information

    Each box in the subscription program will be billed and delivered every 3 months. Adjust timing or cancel anytime. There may be shipping delays due to COVID-19.

    This kit includes 6 toys, plus coaching and instructional videos delivered via email and accessible anytime:

    • 9 online lessons for parents and access to personal coaching from a certified Montessori teacher
    • The Shapes on Pegs, which encourages spatial reasoning with 9 geometric solids.
    • The Bolt Board, which builds strength, dexterity, and perseverance.
    • The Language Set, a classic Montessori game used to introduce new vocabulary.
    • The Motor Planning Box, which encourages problem-solving and builds strength.
    • The Bead Stringing Set, which encourages creativity, precision, and coordination.
    • The Sorting Set, which engages the tactile sense to classify shapes and textures.

    Learning Benefits

    Shapes on Pegs

    Shapes on Pegs

    This activity challenges a child to mentally manipulate shapes, visualizing patterns before creating them.

    Bolt Board

    Bolt Board

    Strengthens the wrist while increasing your child’s confidence and desire to work and play independently.

    Languge Set

    Language Set

    This set and accompanying video model the best process for introducing your child to new vocabulary.

    Motor Planning Box

    Motor Planning Box

    Teaches your child to plan ahead and create steps in their mind to execute and achieve a goal.

    Bead Stringing

    Bead Stringing

    Here your child will practice precision and using two hands in coordination as the beads progress in difficulty.



    Here your child will develop their tactile sense while sorting objects that vary in texture, shape, and size by touch.

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