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Level 4 Montessori Box

11-13.5 months
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The Montessori materials in Level 4 encourage your baby to experiment with cause and effect to boost their memory and problem-solving skills.

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Montessori toddler toys for Ages 11 to 13 months
Level 4 Montessori Box

In stock


    Subscription Information

    Each box in the subscription program will be billed and delivered every 3 months. Adjust timing or cancel anytime. There may be shipping delays due to COVID-19.

    What’s included


    • The Object Permanence Box 2, building on the first with added challenge.
    • The Push Balls Set, which strengthens your child’s fingers and palms.
    • The Stable Stacker, which builds precision and motor skills.
    • 4 First Puzzles, each with 1 shape, which develops early STEM skills.
    • The Peg Box, which advances fine motor skills and shape discrimination.
    • The Tracker, which builds visual tracking skills critical for preschool reading.

    Learning Benefits

    Object Permanence Box 2

    Object Permanence Box 2

    More sophisticated than the Object Permanence Box in the Level 3 Subscription Box, this one challenges your baby to open the drawer to find the ball.

    Push Balls Set

    Push Balls Set

    Building on object permanence awareness, this toy strengthens your child's hands, and demonstrates cause and effect.

    Stable Stacker

    Stable Stacker

    Included rings vary in size, which requires precision to grasp and thread, refining your child's fine motor skills.

    First Puzzles

    First Puzzles

    Each of the four included puzzles provides the perfect level of challenge for your child.

    Peg Box

    Peg Box

    By rotating the pegs to fit into the base, your child learns to discriminate size and shape while building wrist strength.



    Watching each ball roll down the ramp builds visual tracking skills vital to reading in preschool.

    What's Included


    3 Month Learning Program

    Articles and videos created by certified Montessori educators, delivered to your inbox weekly.

    Wooden Book

    On-Demand Video Library

    9 online lessons for parents, including video instruction on how to set your environment, how to introduce the materials and emails on the research behind the program

    Wooden Book

    Personal Coaching

    Access to personal coaching from a certified Montessori teacher

    Private Membership

    Private Membership

    Membership into the Monti Kids private community

    Find the Right Level for Your Baby

    Select Level 4 when your baby:

    • Picks objects up and dump things out.
    • Purposefully releases objects from their hands.

    Consider Level 5 if your baby is:

    • Beginning to walk.
    • Uses a pincer grasp (thumb & finger).
    • Shows periods of longer concentration.
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