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Montessori Cooking Together Kit

18 months +
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Enjoy cooking together safely with this educator-designed kitchen set for children as young as 18 months.

A complete set of food-safe, developmentally appropriate kitchen tools support cooking experiences that will help your child build a positive relationship with food. Ten beautifully illustrated recipe cards help parents and children create child-friendly meals together. Food preparation activities help build executive function and self-confidence.

A printed parent guide and online parent articles and videos empower you to support your child in the kitchen while enjoying time together.

What’s included


  • Ten innovative recipe cards offer parent guidance on how to prepare tools and ingredients in advance on one side and child-friendly, visual recipe instructions on the other side.  
  • A beautiful wooden stand holds the recipe cards for hands-free visibility.
  • A child-sized stainless steel pitcher, three stainless bowls, and a food-grade silicone cutting board help young chefs practice pouring and transferring.
  • Wood and stainless steel mixing spoon, whisk, and masher allow your little one to stir and mash ingredients.
  • A child-friendly melon baller, spreading knife, and tongs build fine motor control.
  • The egg slicer allows your child to transform soft ingredients.
  • The unique wooden crinkle cutter allows your child to safely chop fruits, steamed vegetables, and sandwiches.


Learning Benefits

Recipe Card and Stand

Recipe Cards and Stand

Each recipe supports early literacy, STEM skills, and a positive relationship with food.

Cutting Board

Cutting Board

This child-sized board helps define the work space and contain the “fun.”



Stainless steel bowls help children organize and transfer ingredients while exercising executive function skills.



The small pitcher allows your little one to practice transferring while supporting early math skills.

Mixing Spoon, Whisk, and Masher

Mixing Spoon, Whisk, and Masher

These tools help your child build precision in their movements without the frustration and mess that can result from using heavy, adult-sized utensils.

Melon Baller

Melon Baller

This tool promotes wrist flexibility, which is a pre-writing skill.



The spreader invites your child to practice precision and fine motor control.



This stainless steel tool builds grip strength and executive function as your child plans when to squeeze and release.

Egg Slicer

Egg Slicer

This tool supports executive function through the multi-step slicing process.

Crinkle Cutter

Crinkle Cutter

The unique wooden crinkle cutter builds strength and fine motor control.

  • Printed Parent Guide: Information on the benefits of cooking with children, how to prepare for success, how and when to use each tool, and cleaning instructions.
  • Access to the Parent Learning Center: Our online hub for parent support, created by Montessori child development experts, includes step-by-step articles and videos on how to introduce each tool and recipe, the benefits of practical life skills like cooking, how to prepare for success, and additional activities.
  • Exclusive Community Membership: Join the Monti Kids private online community moderated by a Montessori-trained child development expert.

When your child can balance and stand on their own on a stool or learning tower while lifting and pouring. 


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