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The Montessori Activity Gym

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The Montessori Activity Gym
The Montessori Activity Gym

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    Subscription Information

    The Montessori Activity Gym is the first level in the Monti Kids Montessori Program and is designed to nurture your child’s visual skills, motor development, concentration, physical coordination, body awareness, and strength right from birth. Your subscription includes:

    • Safety-certified Montessori materials for ages 0-3, delivered every 3 months.
    • Online curriculum for parents, with videos and articles.
    • Personalized coaching with Montessori and child development experts.
    • Access to a private community moderated by Montessori educators.

    Subscription Pricing and Shipments:

    Your next shipment and all future shipments will be $297, billed and delivered every 3 months. No commitment. Adjust the timing or cancel anytime.

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    The Montessori Activity Gym includes 11 items, plus coaching and instructional videos delivered via email and accessible anytime:

    • 9 online lessons for parents and access to personal coaching from a certified Montessori teacher
    • An adjustable wooden Activity Gym designed to hang Montessori mobiles and toys at the perfect height to engage your baby
    • 4 classic Montessori mobiles to develop your baby’s visual skills and focus: The Munari Mobile, The Gobbi Mobile, The Octahedron Mobile, and The Dancers Mobile
    • 4 reaching, grasping and kicking toys to build strength & motor skills: Batting Ball, Grasping Ring, Hanging Discs, and Kicking Ball
    • Two rattles sized perfectly for your baby’s hands: Crochet Ring and Grasping Toy

    With guidance from the videos and coaching included in this subscription, you'll change the mobiles and activities that hang on the activity gym as your baby develops.

    Here's what's included:

    Activity Gym

    The Activity Gym

    Made from stylish birch plywood, this structure displays mobiles at the perfect height for visual development, then adjusts so your baby can reach the interactive attachments.

    The Munari Mobile

    The Munari Mobile

    This high-contrast geometric mobile develops your baby's vision and ignites their inherent mathematical sense.

    Gobbi Mobile

    The Gobbi Mobile

    Made with embroidery thread, this mobile introduces color gradations that refine your baby's chromatic sense.

    Octahedron Mobile

    The Octahedron Mobile

    This mobile introduces primary colors just as your baby is developmentally ready to perceive them.

    Dancers Mobile

    The Dancers Mobile

    This dynamic mobile presents a new challenge as your baby's visual tracking improves dramatically.

    batting ball

    Batting Ball

    Introduces cause and effect and strengthens the connection between the left and right sides of the brain through movement.

    Grasping Ring

    Grasping Ring

    This toy is introduced after the Batting Ball, challenging baby to intentionally reach out and grasp.

    Hanging Discs

    Hanging Discs

    A more complex shape presents a new grasping challenge for your baby's developing skills.

    Kicking Ball

    Kicking Ball

    Prepares your baby for their first steps by strengthening their feet, legs, knees, hips, and core as they begin to coordinate their feet.

    Crochet Ring

    Crochet Ring

    Small enough for your newborn to grasp, this rattle develops an infant's hand control and auditory sense with enclosed bells.

    Grasping Toy

    Grasping Toy

    Works well with your baby's natural reflexes to develop their grasp, strength, motor skills, and body control.

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