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What is Modern Montessori?

A proven educational approach, used in schools around the world, now adapted by Monti Kids to empower parents for use at home – and on the go! Our Modern Montessori guidance helps families support their little one’s development and honor their child’s unique journey towards independence, right from birth.

Watch the magic unfold

With the Modern Montessori approach, you’ll support your child’s independence by noticing their developmental changes and encouraging them to stretch in their most active learning zone. We’ll send you everything you need to put it into practice!

baby with rolling drum

Learning Through Play

Each toy in our curriculum promotes curiosity, creative play and learning while supporting language development, executive functioning and brain growth.

baby with dancers mobile

Mind and Body Learning

Montessori education prescribes learning through doing, involving as many senses as possible to stimulate motor and cognitive development.

toddler with gluing set


Montessori environments cultivate creativity through thoughtful design and materials, child-directed learning and a playful approach to education.

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Our curriculum is expertly timed so children repeatedly enter their ideal zone for learning, encouraging a growth mindset and healthy self-esteem.

baby with dining set


Montessori fosters independence through the thoughtful design of each toy, the layout of the play space, and the way you interact with your child.

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Concentration and Flow

Intense, immersive concentration is a state that inspires creativity, productivity and joy -exactly what Modern Montessori is designed to foster.

Monti Kids makes it easy.

We supply the science. Your baby supplies the magic. Nourish your child’s independence and individuality with The Monti Kids® Program.

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Modern Montessori, explained

An interview with our Head of Learning, Stacy Keane, as she explains the Monti Kids Modern Montessori approach.

85% of the brain is formed by age 3

See how the Monti Kids® Program supports your baby's specific stage of development from birth through the toddler years.

Level 1

0 - 3 months old

As a newborn, your baby is ready to learn about the world! While you are bonding as a family, the activities in Level 1 will show you how to support your little one’s developing vision and grasping strength.

Level 2

4 - 6 months old

From 4-6 months, as your little one’s movements become intentional instead of reflexive, there’s so much they can explore! We’ll help you introduce activities for tummy time and sensory exploration in this level.

Level 3

7 - 9 months old

Sitting up independently will free your baby’s hands for new activities! As your little one’s core is stronger now, they are ready to coordinate both hands together and begin self-feeding.

Level 4

10 - 12 months old

Once your baby is crawling, they will crave constant movement. The activities in this Level will encourage your little one to find purpose for their new-found mobility and to refine their hand movements.

Level 5

13 - 15 months old

Your baby is becoming a toddler! At this age, you’ll notice more problem-solving behaviors, such as trying a puzzle piece a different way. We’ll help you offer challenges at just the right level to support your little one’s perseverance and concentration, as they master their pincer grasp!

Level 6

16 - 18 months old

As your little one begins to walk more confidently – or even run – they’ll want to challenge and use their whole body. You’ll introduce activities that engage their new ability to understand a sequence in this Level.

Level 7

19 - 21 months old

At this age, your toddler is seeking to expand their vocabulary – and their independence! In this Level, we’ll offer activities that introduce concepts of similarity and difference, such as matching and sorting.

Level 8

22 - 24 months old

With more access to language, at this stage of development your toddler will begin to express observations about the world. We’ll guide you through introducing activities that explore creativity, build vocabulary, and challenge their ability to discriminate sizes, shapes, and colors.

Level 9

25-27 months

Craving independence, at this age your little one has a strong desire to help and is interested in how things work. In this level, you’ll introduce practical life activities that engage their new ability to understand a sequence.

Level 10

28 - 30 months old

As your little one has greater control of their fingers and hands, at this stage of development they will be able to complete multi-step processes. We’ll guide you through introducing activities that invite experimentation and self-correction.

Level 11

31 - 33 months old

With the ability to understand patterns, at this stage your little one is ready for game play and social activities. In this level, you’ll introduce gross motor challenges and open-ended activities whose play patterns you'll repeat and expand on for years.

Level 12

34 - 36 months old

Your toddler’s ability to recall past events through storytelling at this age indicates readiness for numeracy. We'll help you support your child with activities that make numbers concrete and further develop creative expression.

7 Easy Ways To Support Your Baby's Learning

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