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Mindfulness Set


In today's fast paced world offering opportunities for time, space, breath and repetition is so important. Using the materials in this set for that purpose gives a space for practicing slowing down, listening too their body and observation. Enjoy each one open ended and with care and balance.

This set  includes:

- A set of illustrated yoga pose cards. Work together with your child to practice these moves as you talk about breathing, calm and mindfulness

- A set of interlocking, stackable wooden puzzle blocks. Deceptively simple, these blocks were designed for thoughtful concentration - no 2 pieces are alike! 

- A paint board with paintbrush. Use water to create simple images that "disappear" as the water evaporates opening the door for conversations about fluidity, acceptance and change 

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What's In The Box

Concentration Balancing Blocks

Concentration Balancing Blocks

Expertly designed to stimulate critical thinking and problem solving, these blocks invite deep engagement and focus as children try again and again to find their balance.

Water Painting Set

Water Painting Set

A special brush is used to create designs on the board where designs appear and disappear with each use. Great for early mindfulness training!

Yoga Pose Cards

Yoga Pose Cards

Designed with realistic illustrations of children in yoga poses in both Sanskrit and English, these cards challenge control and balance while promoting relaxation.