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Level 1

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The toys in Level 1 are designed to build and grow your child’s attention span, right from birth. You will be amazed as your baby focuses on the mobiles for long periods of time. These toys help to optimize cognitive and motor development by providing just enough challenge without being over stimulating. The Level 1 curriculum will teach you how to promote your baby’s language, motor, cognitive and social-emotional skills. You will learn to set up a Montessori play area for your child that will best support development. Through simple videos and articles, we will guide you through using the toys and laying a strong foundation for learning.

In Level 1, your child will:

  • Build concentration, focus and curiosity
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Establish a strong base for language learning
  • Practice visual coordination and eye tracking
  • Discriminate colors
  • Be exposed to mathematical relationships
  • Gain body awareness
  • Transition from involuntary to intentional reaching, grasping and kicking
  • Explore gravity and cause and effect

While these toys are introduced over a three month period, your child will continue to enjoy and learn from them for several months beyond that.

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