Unboxing Monti Kids Level 4

February 19th, 2019

Welcome to Level 4 of Monti Kids! These materials develop working memory, strengthen your child’s fingers and palms, build fine and gross motor skills, and encourage spatial reasoning, problem solving, the ability to discriminate between size and shape, and visual tracking skills which will prove critical for preschool reading.  

When given developmentally appropriate materials, children at this stage can engage in more independent play for longer periods. The Level 4 toys are designed to teach important concepts that lay the foundation for more complex work. They help to optimize development by providing just enough challenge, without being over stimulating. The Level 4 curriculum will teach you how to promote your child’s language, motor, cognitive, and social-emotional skills. You will learn to adapt your child’s play area to best support development. Through simple videos and articles, we will guide you through using the toys and laying a strong foundation for learning.

Here’s what a Monti Kids mom, Kimberly, had to say about using Monti Kids with her baby:

“We love Monti kids! This has taken the guesswork out of an otherwise very intimidating journey of finding the right way to develop and engage my child. Since implementing I have noticed our space is much more peaceful and the chaos of conventional toys is gone. The toys offer just the right amount of challenge and chance for success for my son. He gets so excited when he masters a toy!”

Watch the video above to see Monti Kids founder, Zahra Kassam, describe the best way to introduce each toy.

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