Unboxing Monti Kids Level 3

Support your baby’s developing mobility while they build cognitive skills.

As children ages 6 months and older gain the ability to move their body, they can engage in more self-directed learning. The toys in Level 3 help to develop your baby’s locomotion while building cognitive skills, allowing his brain and body to support one another as he grows. At this age, it is important for your baby to play on his stomach and back, and the toys in Level 3 support that by encouraging slithering and crawling as they roll.

Level 3 also builds on the visual stimulation that previous levels provided, developing visual tracking skills important for reading later on. The Level 3 curriculum will teach you how to support your baby’s mobility as he experiences a boost of fine and gross motor development. Each toy is challenging but not overstimulating, building on the ones before it. Through our toy timeline and simple videos and articles, we will guide you through using Level 3 to lay a strong foundation for learning for your baby.

Here’s what Monti Kids mom, Andrea, had to say about using Monti Kids with her baby:

“Everything about kiddos has the potential to be overwhelming. Monti Kids has taken something I was really interested in doing with my twins – Montessori at home – and made it accessible  and un-intimidating. It’s so easy. I love that I am learning along with my babies and I am able to provide them with toys and a learning environment that allows them to grow, right here at home.” – Andrea

Watch the video above to see Monti Kids founder, Zahra Kassam, describe the best way to introduce each toy.

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