Meet Our Founder, CEO & Mom, Zahra Kassam

January 10, 2019


Growing up, it was always my dream to be a teacher. In the 6th grade, I was assigned a 1st grade reading buddy and I’ve been teaching ever since. I studied child psychology at Harvard College, received my Master’s from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and became an internationally certified Montessori teacher for children from birth to age six. I thought I would spend my career in the classroom. Then, I became a mother.

When my son Musa was born, the school where I was teaching started at age three (like most preschools around the world). I knew that I could not wait that long to give my baby a rich learning environment. So I hacked together a version of Monti Kids at home and struggled to stay on top of his development at every turn. While on maternity leave, I was also teaching “Baby and Me” classes at a local parenting center. The parents in my classes were anxious; they understood how important the early years are but they had so many questions about how to meet their baby’s developmental needs.

Researchers know that 85% of the brain is formed by age 3 and that this is the foundation for all future learning. And yet, children start school later and parents are left guessing how to support their baby’s development. This education gap is the problem that drives me and that led me to create Monti Kids.

After 3 years in development, we launched Monti Kids when I was pregnant with my second baby boy. Zayd is now 1 year old, and it has been amazing to watch him learn and grow with Monti Kids. As a busy mom, I’m so grateful to have this program for Zayd. I hope that Monti Kids brings you the same peace of mind that your baby is getting the very best start.

Zahra Kassam
Founder, CEO & Mom

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