Fall Activities for Toddlers: Practical Life and More

Fall Activities for Toddlers: Practical Life and More

The weather is changing and the holidays are around the corner. While we might do things a little differently this year, there are plenty of new concepts and words to show your child right around the house.

We are already giving thanks to all the Monti Kids families who offered to share their ideas with us. Read on for inspiration!

Using a broom and dustpan with these decorative leaves keeps D busy. Her mom, the blogger behind Montessori In Real Life, put painter's tape on the floor to help her develop the practice of sweeping into a pile.

Using a new kitchen tool like this mechanical apple peeler is an adventure! Together you can make observations about the fruit -- the peel is a different color. When you've finished, wash the materials together and put them away to model those habits. @MontessoriInMotion tells us, "When introducing new tools, I don’t expect it to go perfectly."

We love these seasonal updates to @MadeToMontessori's play area for her youngest child. The bin of squash offers an exploration of the texture and weight of the objects, plus a new walker will delight in carrying the squash from place to place, exercising their ability to use both hands while on the move.

The fall-themed photos of objects are from I Believe in Montessori, making a great addition to this shelf. Use them to introduce new words to your little one. They are naturally curious about words for everything, so new language cards each season make sense.

Toddler helping in kitchen

Using a kitchen helper or learning tower empowers toddlers to use the real sink. Giving them specific jobs like washing vegetables, rinsing silverware, or actually using a soapy sponge to wash dishes will help build their confidence. This scene is from a @PolishedPlayhouse post about ways kids can help in the kitchen.

toddler raking

Raking is a chore that requires loads of coordinaton, but that doesn't mean we cannot try! @Our.Montessori.Journey says "K doesn’t have the raking movement figured out just yet, but is loving helping Dada."

Here's a mini rake similar to the one in the photo. 

More Fall Favorites

Other projects you can tackle at home together? 

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