6 Tummy Time Activities That Your Baby Won't Hate

6 Tummy Time Activities That Your Baby Won't Hate

"My baby hates tummy time!" is a common concern from parents of infants. No one likes to feel like they're forcing their baby to endure physical discomfort, and when our babies make sounds of protest, our instinct is to make those noises stop.

Let's reframe tummy time and see if we can make it a better experience for everyone.

There’s no pressure behind getting a certain number of minutes of tummy time a day.

Let go of the idea that tummy time is homework for babies. That way of thinking can produce stress for parents. 

A frequently asked question is, "How many minutes at a time should my baby be able to tolerate on their tummy?"

Remember that any time not spent on their back is considered tummy time until they are really comfortable lifting their head using their back and chest muscles. So time your baby spends on a parent's chest, during which they practice lifting their head is "tummy time". 

We also consider the time spent in a carrier, nursing, and feeding, using core strength, time invested in the same muscle development as tummy time.

Providing your child the opportunity to rotate their position and remove pressure from the back of their head will both protect a flat spot from developing and support their upper body muscle development.

Five Month Old Milestones
The Mirror and Card Stand in the Montessori Newborn Kit encourages tummy time progress.

Tummy Time Ideas from Monti Kids families

  • Get down on the floor with your baby, also on your tummy, so that they see you when they lift their head.
  • Hold up toys or contrast cards to capture your baby's interest.
  • Position a floor mirror next to your baby.
  • Sing or talk to your baby when you turn them on their front. 
  • Do it frequently, such as after a diaper change. Simply turn baby over for just a few seconds.
  • Place baby on your knees looking out into the room for a change in perspective.

WATCH: Tummy Time Tips from Monti Kids


Reframing "My Baby Hates Tummy Time"

Another way to think about your baby's reaction to tummy time that might ease your mind is that when they grunt and struggle, it doesn't mean they are unhappy.

Engaging their developing muscles is a workout!  Think of the sounds you make when you do push-ups or lift a heavy object. We build strength when we work at it.

Let your baby become accustomed to the feel of the pressure on their stomach, arms, and legs when they lay in this position. If they really fuss or cry, tell them that you hear them and gently roll them from tummy to back and continue to play on the floor.

When to Start Tummy Time

Because every baby and their development is unique, there isn't a magic age to start tummy time. Observing when your baby has longer periods of alertness will be your first sign that they will be ready to play and exercise - this could be as early as two weeks or closer to a month depending on your baby. Before then, enjoy the time spent together nursing and cuddling knowing that these times will also support tummy time development.

What to Look for in a Tummy Time Mat

When choosing a mat for playtime, there are a couple of things to consider. First, making sure it is soft enough to catch a "heavy head" when your baby gets tired, but not so soft that it becomes a safety hazard. Next, making sure it is made of a material that can easily be washed either with a quick wipe with a damp cloth or in the washing machine.

Finally, we recommend choosing a mat with muted colors and simple patterns that will allow it to fade into the background and not be a distraction to your baby's play. Some Monti Kids families report that the rugs made by Little Nomads as well as Ruggable have been great options for their play spaces and babies.

The photograph below from @inspired_little_learners shows a tummy time-friendly playspace set up. The items from the Monti Kids Montessori Newborn Kit have been positioned close to the mat and at her four-month-old baby's level. This enables his parents to set him down for short moments and know that he'll want to raise his head to look at these engaging materials.

Tummy Time ideas for newborns

Montessori Newborn Kit

thoughtfully designed, developmentally appropriate toys and support for parents in the early days $75
  • Mirror and Card Stand
  • Black and White Card Set
  • Crochet Ball
  • Wooden Rattle
  • Silicone Teether
  • Wooden Book
  • Cloth Basket
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