New Products! Monti Kids Montessori Kits: Newborn, Toilet Learning, and Cooking

New Products! Monti Kids Montessori Kits: Newborn, Toilet Learning, and Cooking

Fueled by input from parents in the Monti Kids® Program and the Montessori-certified teachers on the Monti Kids Learning Team, we are introducing three new products today!

Focusing on key moments in the parenting journey, we've identified activities and solutions that will support parents who seek to cultivate positive bonding experiences, secure relationships, creativity, and independence in their little ones as they grow.

Each kit includes thoughtfully designed materials and comes with access to a Parent Learning Center with videos and articles about introducing the activities to your child.

The Mirror and Card Stand in the Montessori Newborn Kit encourages tummy time progress.

In addition to the toys, activities, and Parent Learning Center videos, the new Monti Kids Montessori Kits invite caregivers into an online community where they can connect with other parents who are learning

  • to support their little one’s capacity for concentration and perseverance
  • to observe their child’s development with Montessori-based guidance
  • to identify sensitive periods when their child is ready to master new skills

New Kits from Monti Kids

All three kits make wonderful gifts that offer a clean, minimalist design that will fit with every family's lifestyle. Read on for details about what's inside the Montessori Newborn Kit, the Cooking Together Kit, and the Toilet Learning Kit

Monti Kids Montessori Newborn Kit

Montessori Newborn Kit

thoughtfully designed, developmentally appropriate toys and support for parents in the early days $75 $50
  • Mirror and Card Stand
  • Black and White Card Set
  • Crochet Ball
  • Wooden Rattle
  • Silicone Teether
  • Wooden Book
  • Cloth Basket
LEARN MORE Birth+ Monti Kids Cooking Together Kit

Montessori Cooking Together Kit

encourages little ones to build skills and confidence in the kitchen as they develop healthy eating habits $100 $75
  • Wooden Stand for Recipe Cards
  • 10 Innovative Recipe Cards
  • Child-Sized Wooden Spoon, Whisk, and Masher
  • 3 Bowls for Food Prep, Small Pitcher, and Silicone Cutting Board
  • Melon Baller, Spreader, and Tongs
  • Egg Slicer
  • Wooden Crinkle Cutter
LEARN MORE 18 Months+

Montessori Toilet Learning Kit

helps in the transition from diapers to toilet independence $75 $50
  • Floor Potty for independence
  • 8 Illustrated Routine Cards to introduce self-care
  • My Toilet Learning Journey board book
  • Faucet Extender for easy handwashing
  • Cloth Basket for supplies
LEARN MORE 18 Months+

Our Philosophy

An important concept that informs the design of all Monti Kids products and experiences is that every child reaches milestones at a unique pace. That's why we don't suggest specific ages or weeks in our guidance. The best thing you can do for your child's development is to observe them and offer them learning opportunities in a mindfully designed space.  

We are so excited to see these new Monti Kids Kits out in the world, supporting parents in their role as their child's first teacher. Follow along on Instagram and TikTok to see how other parents are using these materials at home!


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