Holiday Gift Guide: For the Big Sibling-To-Be

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Big Sibling-To-Be

Encouraging a toddler to be independent is good for their self-esteem, but when a two or three-year-old is an older sibling, it's a huge help, too! 

With this in mind, we've put together some gift ideas for big brothers and sisters that will help them practice new skills and feel a sense of satisfaction from their own accomplishments. 

Big Sibling Gift Idea: Tagalong

Tagalong Stroller Handle

Placed on a stroller, this handy accessory gives an older sibling their own personal handle to stay close, but feel independent.

FIND IT HERE > Bedroom Mirror - Self-Care Station

The Montessori Self-Care Station

This beautiful mirror from Monti Kids is designed to be hung at a child's height to enable them to hang up their coats and hats before they head out the door.

FIND IT HERE > Beanies, a cute sibling gift

Matching sibling beanies from Etsy

It's fun to feel connected with the new baby with some low-key twinning. $20

FIND IT HERE > Montessori Toy for Age 19-21 Months

Independence Toolkit from Monti Kids

Help your favorite toddler get into a state of concentration with learning materials that introduce concepts of sorting, matching, and vocabulary. This Toolkit includes a curated set of authentic Montessori toys, instructional videos for parents, and an online milestone tracker.

FIND IT HERE > Gift Ideas for New Big Siblings

TinyTot 2-in-1 balance bike from Kinderfeets

This balance bike invites determined toddlers to channel their physical energy into scooting and gliding while developing the balancing skills that will eventually allow them to ride a bike. (Can start off as a tricycle if preferred.) 


Gifts For Toddlers Who Have Become Big Brothers or Sisters

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