Practical Life: Empower Toddlers To Make Pancakes For Mother's Day With Just Two Ingredients

Practical Life: Empower Toddlers To Make Pancakes For Mother's Day With Just Two Ingredients

Pulling a stool or learning tower up to the kitchen counter is an invitation for a child to take part in food preparation, unlocking numerous developmental opportunities. Based on your child’s age and readiness, any cooking project can be prepared to include more or less steps. In this pancake-making tutorial, we have selected a simple two-ingredient recipe. Making Pancakes with A Toddler When little ones prepare their own meals and take part they are more likely to try the foods. Tasting along the way is also another exciting and allowable way to try these new flavors and smells.

How To Make Simple Banana Pancakes For Mom

  • Bowl of Mashed Banana
  • Bowl of 2 Cracked Eggs
  • Berries
  • Small Dish of Butter
  • Small Pitcher of Maple Syrup
  • Child-sized Mixing Spoon
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Pan
  • Spatula
  • ¼ cup for Pouring Batter
  • Plate
At each step, show your child by doing a small amount yourself. Then invite them to try. For best results, we suggest cracking the eggs into a smaller bowl or dish, to avoid getting eggshell in the mixing bowl. Try to limit commentary while your child works to observe and imitate so that your child can focus on what your hands are doing instead of looking at your face.

WATCH: How to include your toddler in Mother's Day breakfast prep The Montessori approach encourages us to teach grace and courtesy as we introduce children to practical life activities. On Mother's Day, this may include talking about what Mom will enjoy, asking Mom what she would like to drink, and using words of appreciation for Mom. As toddlers will quickly begin imitating our words and tone, this is how we raise kind humans. ABOUT MONTI KIDS: Learn more about how we enable Montessori learning at home with a subscription program that helps you provide the right materials and environment at the right stage for your baby or toddler.

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