A Message From Our Founder: Happy Mother's Day!

A Message From Our Founder: Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Monti Kids Family,

May is Mother’s Day and at Monti Kids, we have infinite respect for moms. I’m often blown away when talking to the mothers in our community by how selfless and dedicated you are to your children. My Mother’s Day wish for all of us is that we don’t just take one day to pamper ourselves but that we consistently treat ourselves with as much kindness and compassion as we give our children.

As moms, we hold ourselves up to such high standards with our families, our work, and when it comes to our appearance. When we fall short of our impossible standards, our inner critic can be harsh. So this month, I challenge myself and all the incredible moms of Monti Kids (dads can join in too!) to help your self-compassion find its voice.

When that inner critic pipes up, imagine that you’re speaking to your daughter, or better yet, to yourself at 5 years old, and show that little girl all the reassurance, forgiveness, unconditional love and acceptance that you would show your child. This is actually a research-based way to increase self-compassion and I’d love to hear how it works for you! Our motherly love is so powerful and if we take every opportunity to spread it around, we’ll make a huge impact on the world. Let’s start by spreading it to ourselves because we are definitely deserving of it.



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