Summer Shopping List: Be Prepared For The Best Summer Ever!

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16 Must Haves For Your Summer Shopping List

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Summer is fast approaching, and parents of toddlers know that it's time to start thinking about all the essentials their little ones will need to stay cool, comfortable, and happy during the hot and sunny months. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to buy, especially if you're a first-time parent. That's why we've put together a summer shopping list of must-haves for your toddler this summer. From swimwear and sunscreen to toys and snacks, we've got you covered with everything you need to make the most of the season with your little one. So grab a pen and paper, and get ready to start checking off items from your summer shopping list!

Sun Protection

One of the most important considerations to prepare for summer is sun protection. The best protection is always avoidance but that's also not possible or any fun. Be sure to have these three things on your summer shopping list to protect your little one while spending time enjoying outside.


This is an absolute must-have for any mom with a baby (over six months) or toddler in the summer. Look for a mineral-based sunscreen that is safe for babies and toddlers and has an SPF of at least 30, although 50 is preferred. 

Sun hat: 

A sun hat will protect your child's delicate scalp and face from the sun's rays. Providing them shade on their face and eyes, in addition to sunscreen, will allow them to be safe from burns and fatigue. Choose a wide brim hat that goes all the way around for maximum protection. If they get hot, wet the hat and replace on their head for instant air conditioning.

Long sleeved, Lightweight clothing:

Covering your baby or toddler's skin with long sleeves and pants is another great level of protection. Find lightweight and light colored clothes that are breathable to maintain comfort and avoid overheating.

Toddler playing with wooden shapes toy outside on the grass

Getting Around

Summer is the perfect time to get out and about with your little one and explore the great outdoors. But with so much to bring and so little space, it can be a challenge to find the perfect gear for your adventures. In this list, we'll share four must-have items to make your summer outings with your baby a breeze. From a comfortable baby carrier to a sturdy stroller or wagon, a stroller fan to keep your little one cool, and a portable booster seat to make mealtime easy, these items will ensure that you and your baby stay comfortable, safe, and happy all summer long. So, let's dive in and explore these essential summer shopping must-haves for your baby!

Baby carrier: 

baby carrier is a great way to keep your little one close and comfortable while still having your hands free. This will also allow for your baby to snooze as needed while keeping an older sibling active and busy in the warm months. Try one that's breathable and lightweight to keep you BOTH comfortable.


While walking is best for their development, finding a way to give your little one a break when they get tired will allow outings to remain fun and productive. A stroller with lots of storage for everyday fun is paramount. You could even consider a wagon like the Veer Cruiser to fit more than one kiddo and all the necessary accessories. A collapsible wagon is another budget and space friendly option.

Stroller fan: 

Finding a stroller fan that works for your set up is a great way to keep your child cool and comfortable during hot summer walks. This will help with safety in the heat to keep airflow moving through the different vents while baby cools down or has a nap.

Portable booster seat: 

If you're planning on eating out or having a picnic, a portable booster seat will make mealtime a breeze. Finding one that packs flat is even better for taking it on the go! Being mindful of serving low risk foods in size and allergen will help keep the meal safe as both you and your baby will be distracted by all the fun!

Happy Family using a Wagon

The Little Details

Summer shopping and the season are just around the corner, and that means it's time to start planning for fun outdoor activities with your little one. Whether you're heading to the pool or beach, or just enjoying a day at the park, there are some essential items you'll want to have on hand to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. In this list, we'll share five must-haves for your summer outings with your toddler. From swim diapers to beach/pool toys, snacks to wet wipes, and a first aid kit, these items will help you stay prepared for anything that comes your way. So, let's get started and make sure you have everything you need for a fun and safe summer with your little one!

Swim diapers:

If you're planning on spending time at the pool or beach, make sure you have plenty of swim diapers on hand. And if your little one is potty training be sure to have extra dry underwear and shorts on hand too! the fun of being out and about is a distraction from what's happening with their bodies and a new level of challenge to their potty training journey.

Beach/pool toys:

Bring along some fun toys to keep your little one entertained at the beach or pool. Having your own set (label them so they can come home with you at the end of the day) will insure that even when there aren't toys already there to be shared your little one will have developmentally appropriate ones available to them! We love these silicone toys for great, clean fun.


Make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand for your little one to munch on throughout the day. Keeping "hanger" at bay will be paramount to keeping the fun in your outing. When possible stop and sit down for your snacks as this is much safer and drastically reduces the risk of choking.

Wet wipes:

Wet wipes are a must-have for any mom, but especially during the summer when things can get messy. Wipe hands before a picnic, a boo-boo that needs a bandaid or a dirty table at the park. Using water based wipes makes them safe to use anywhere. This is the "it" item for every bag!

First aid kit:

You'll be the most popular parent on the playground with this in tow! A few bandaids, antibiotic cream, tweezers and an antihistamine cream are a few of the items you can carry to be prepared for any accidents or emergencies! This first aid kit has you need to get you started this summer.

Family Beach Fun

Indoor Summer Fun

Of course there are still plenty of opportunities for play inside during the summer months! Whether you're avoiding the hot sun or just need a break from the heat, there are plenty of ways to keep your little one entertained inside. Here, we'll share five great summer shopping items to have on hand for variety and boredom busters. From play tents to ball pits, indoor slides to water tables, and even play kitchens, these activities will keep your child engaged, active, and happy all summer long. 

Play tent:

A pop-up play tent can be a fun indoor activity for your toddler. They can crawl in and out, play peek-a-boo, and even pretend they're camping. the Monti Kids Tent Cover is the perfect addition to an activity gym for your older baby and toddler.

Ball pit: 

A small ball pit can provide hours of entertainment for your toddler. You can fill it with colorful balls and encourage your child to jump and play. This is a great opportunity for gross motor fun and collaboration to clean up when it's time to head back outside!

Indoor slide:

An indoor slide is a great way to keep your toddler active and engaged during the summer months. You can find small slides that are designed for indoor use and are safe for toddlers. The repetition, climbing up and sliding down, meets the big movement needs of toddlers this age!

Water table:

A water table is a great way to keep your toddler cool during the summer while playing indoors. You can fill it with water and toys for your toddler to splash around in. You can even transition it to the patio or yard when it cools down to extend the play. This sensory work is great for their whole body development!

Monti Kids Tent and Toddler having fun

Now is the perfect time to prepare for summer shopping to be ready to allow your little ones to engage in self-directed learning and exploration all season long. Providing them with opportunities to engage with the world around them in meaningful ways can help them develop their independence and curiosity.

It's important to remember that the goal of Montessori education is not just to fill children's minds with knowledge but to help them become confident, independent, and compassionate individuals. By providing them with opportunities to explore and learn on their own terms, parents can help their children develop the skills they need to thrive both inside and outside. And your preparation and early summer shopping is key too being ready to hit the ground running as soon as it's warm!

So, this summer, let's encourage our children to be curious, independent, and creative learners by providing them with the tools and opportunities they need to explore and discover the world around them. With a little planning and preparation, parents can help their children have a summer full of fun, learning, and growth.

Happy Family Outside