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Problem-Solving Gift Set

31-33 months

Encourage your toddler's newfound enjoyment of games and social activities. The open-ended activities in this Toolkit are perfect for recognizing and building patterns through play. Subscribe to track milestones, get support from experts, and help your toddler thrive.

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Problem-Solving Gift Set
Problem-Solving Gift Set

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    What's In The Box

    Peg Board

    Peg Board

    This open-ended toy presents an opportunity for exploration of patterns, numbers and spatial relationships.

    Mystery Bag 2

    Mystery Bag 2

    Recalling the random objects in this Mystery Bag will further test and strengthen your child's memory.

    Yoga Pose Cards

    Yoga Pose Cards

    Designed with realistic illustrations of children in yoga poses in both Sanskrit and English, these cards challenge control and balance while promoting relaxation.

    Stepping Circles Activity

    Stepping Circles Activity

    Six brightly-colored silicone circles and pattern cards encourage gross motor fun as children hop from one circle to the next.

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