The Monti Kids Program is now the Miles & Stones Journey

The Monti Kids Program is now the Miles & Stones Journey

We have something new to share! Our subscription program of educator-designed learning materials and toys has a new name and a ton of new features!

Meet the Miles & Stones Journey

With 12 progressive toolkits – from the Newborn Toolkit to the Creativity Toolkit – that teach parents how to support their little ones as they grow, the Miles & Stones Journey is ready for you to explore. Here’s how!

An Interactive Map of Child Development

We’ve gone really geeky into the science of human development and come up with a super cool interactive map that aims to help parents understand what they’re seeing, what it means, and what activities will benefit their little one. Think of it like a baby translator! See the Map Parents have always taken note of their baby’s milestones. Some are moments of celebration - like a baby's first word or first steps. And others can be a source of anxiety - wondering if their baby is rolling over or sitting up when they “should”. But age is just a number, and every child develops at their own pace. With the Miles & Stones Journey, we help parents go beyond the surface to a deeper understanding of what their baby’s actions and behavior mean and how to help them thrive.

Understanding milestones

Ever wondered why a baby puts everything in their mouth? Or why they sometimes seem obsessed with dropping food on the floor? These everyday moments are actually developmental milestones in disguise - moments that parents can recognize for their learning potential and support as they happen, leading to happy, confident, kind and independent children. This Map is our complete, interactive timeline that shows all 5 tracks and 77 milestones from birth to age three. It's an intuitive scroll page on the Monti Kids website where users can filter by track or age, or just browse through the full timeline. Click on individual milestones to get additional information. When you become a subscriber, you can track your child's milestones in the signed-in version of the Map, which populates curated, relevant content for you.

The Miles & Stones Journey: Educator-Designed Toolkits

Our personalized subscription service gives parents everything they need to help their baby thrive, delivered at just the right time. Each Toolkit includes articles and videos, expert support, and high quality Montessori toys. Expand the menus below to explore the Toolkits. Newborn Toolkit Newborn Kit Give your baby the best from birth. The Newborn Toolkit supports your newborn’s developing vision and grasping strength, with an Activity Gym that works with included mobiles and accessories. Tummy Time Toolkit Tummy Time ToolkitHelp your baby develop strong neck and core muscles with toys designed especially for this developmental stage. Learn about the Tummy Time Toolkit > Movement Toolkit Movement ToolkitWhen your baby is sitting up, they are ready to work on coordinating with both hands. Encourage their newfound independence and core strength with the Movement Toolkit. Exploration Toolkit Exploration ToolkitYour crawling baby craves constant movement! Help them find purpose for their new mobility with the toys and activities in the Exploration Toolkit. Concentration Toolkit Concentration Toolkit Your baby is becoming a toddler! Feed their desire to try new things with toys and activities that provide just the right level of challenge with the Concentration Toolkit. Perseverance Toolkit Perseverance ToolkitYour toddler needs new challenges to support their growing coordination and abilities at this stage. Engage all their skills with the Perseverance Toolkit. Independence Toolkit Independence ToolkitHelp your toddler take charge of their independence with new ideas. The Independence Toolkit introduces concepts of sorting, matching and deeper vocabulary. Language Explosion Toolkit Language Explosion ToolkitA new world of expression is opening up for your toddler! Help them express themselves with the language and creativity activities in the Language Explosion Toolkit. Coordination Toolkit Coordination Toolkit Get ready for a big leap forward in independence! Toddlers are ready to take on the multi-step processes in the Coordination Toolkit. Experimentation Toolkit Experimentation Toolkit Your little one is a budding scientist, full of curiosity about the world. Invite them to experiment with the Experimentation Toolkit’s toys and activities. Problem-Solving Toolkit Problem-Solving Toolkit Encourage your toddler’s newfound enjoyment of games and social activities. The open-ended activities in the Problem-Solving Toolkit are perfect for recognizing and building patterns through play. Creativity Toolkit Creativity Toolkit Now that your toddler can tell stories, their creativity is blossoming. They’re ready for more complex skills including early numeracy. Learn more about the Creativity Toolkit > Shop The Miles & Stones Journey

The Miles & Stones Journey Online

In the menus above, you can see the toys and materials that are delivered with each Toolkit. But the Toolkits include more than that. As a parent tracks their little one's milestones in the Miles & Stones Parent Learning Center, they will learn more about the opportunities they have to support their child's learning. Miles & Stones Parent Learning Center Screen Short videos show families how to introduce each toy in their Toolkit. Articles provide more guidance on their child's developmental needs. A Learning Team coach is available to answer questions -- via email or phone. Babies and toddlers are hard at work! They are developing quickly, from strength to coordination to language. Being tuned in to the changes your little one is navigating makes watching them grow even more amazing!

Watch: A Video Summary of the Miles & Stones Journey Shop The Miles & Stones Journey


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