Why Mindful Parents Prefer Montessori Baby Toys

Why Mindful Parents Prefer Montessori Baby Toys

The toys designed for babies in the Montessori approach differ from most of the toys you will find if you walk into a traditional baby store. Montessori baby toys are simple, wooden, and never require batteries. These toys are not designed for passive entertainment! Mindful parents are aware of the importance of grounding their babies in the present moment and helping them connect to their bodies and their environment in thoughtful ways. What makes Montessori baby toys special is that they appeal to your baby’s specific abilities and interests at every age, and fully engage your baby’s body and mind in an active way.
Gobbi mobile for baby
The Gobbi mobile is part of the Level 1 Montessori Toy box that includes a versatile Activity Gym from which to hang it.

Montessori Newborn Toys

Even newborns benefit from Montessori baby toys! These special toys gently welcome your newborn to the world around them, and offer them a way to engage their senses and their bodies in their surroundings. The series of Montessori mobiles are a particularly beautiful way of giving your newborn the opportunity to relate to their world in a way that is meaningful and developmentally appropriate. The mobiles move naturally with the air currents, inviting your little one to stretch their abilities as they seek to track the objects floating above them. The mobiles in the Monti Kids collection progress from black and white to color and begin to move more rapidly, so that your baby can continue to actively engage with the world around them as their abilities develop.

Montessori Toys for Four to Six Months

Now your little one can reach for toys and make active choices about what to explore! Montessori baby toys at this age let your baby explore with their eyes, hands, and mouths. The Montessori rattles offer opportunities for your baby to practice holding objects in different ways, and to examine the effect that they can have on their world as they shake and bang their rattles! These toys bring a mindful approach to your baby’s development because they are active participants in their play. The toys will not do something unless your baby does something! They must explore with their movements and engage their minds and bodies to play.

Montessori Toys for Seven to Ten Months

Your baby is moving now! They are no longer confined to one space, and they are figuring out how to move their bodies to get where they want to be. The Montessori set of toy balls is the perfect way to engage your little one by encouraging them to move at their own pace. These four balls offer a variety of natural textures, materials, and colors, all of which inspire interest and also ground them in reality. The balls roll at different speeds as your little one plays with them. This engages your little one by adding incremental challenge to their play—as the balls roll faster, your baby has to work a little harder to get to them! This work integrates their minds and bodies, and helps them develop their mindful sense of their own capabilities. The Montessori baby toys offer incredible ways for your baby to learn about the world around them and their own capabilities in it. They provide the foundation for a mindful approach to growth because they ground your little one in reality and connect them to the capabilities of their body. These beautiful toys are an essential part of an inspiring and supportive environment!

Subscription Boxes of Montessori Baby Toys

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