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34-36m Montessori Play Set

34-36 months
Now that your toddler can tell stories, their creativity is blossoming. They're ready for more complex skills including early numeracy. Subscribe to track milestones, get support from experts, and help your toddler thrive.
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Billed & shipped every 3 months – pause or cancel at any time • Includes 6 - 10 developmental toys in each box • Short videos and articles to guide your play • Personalized Milestone Tracker • Unlimited email advice and coaching • Access to exclusive online parenting community • 3 unique logins for caregivers and partners • PLUS... Video coaching with a child development expert
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34-36m Montessori Play Set
34-36m Montessori Play Set

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    What's In The Box

    Mystery Bag 3

    Mystery Bag 3

    Following the first two Mystery Bag activities, Mystery Bag 3 encourages matching by tactile exploration and introduces new vocabulary for geometric solids.

    Memory Game

    Memory Game

    Take turns flipping over these paired images of familiar opposites to enrich your child's vocabulary while challenging their memory.

    Number Matching

    Number Matching Set

    Children connect tangible quantities to symbols and sequences with this set, indirectly preparing themselves for the divisbility of numbers.

    Fraction Circles

    Fraction Circles

    This puzzle provides concrete experience with fractions, laying the foundation for mathematical understanding.

    Window Washing Set

    Window Washing Set

    A rewarding practical life activity, this set includes a child-sized bucket, spray bottle, squeegee, and drying cloth.

    I Can Do It Book

    I Can Do It Book

    Filled with diverse images and simple yet empowering language, this thoughtfully written book presents everyday scenarios where children can practice independence.

    Gluing Set

    Gluing Set

    A platform to teach your child skills that open up a world of creativity and art to explore.

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