A Day in the Life: Meet Montessori Mum Sophie Hayes and Family of England

Sophie Hayes is a self-taught Montessorian living with her two girls and husband in the English countryside. She created 'One Minute for Montessori' along with her Montessori Members’ Area to help others understand how to implement respectful parenting and a Montessori approach within the home setting. She also homeschools her children according to Montessori philosophy. [...]

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A Day in the Life: Meet @montessoriinreallife and family

@montessoriinreallife is a certified AMS Montessori infant/toddler guide who is now a full time mama, living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, 2-year-old daughter "D" and 3-month-old son "S." She infuses Montessori into all aspects of her children's lives. The day starts with reading a couple of books together in bed. Sometimes our dog [...]

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A Day in the Life: Nicole Kavanaugh incorporates Montessori at home

Nicole Kavanaugh of Minnesota is the mother of three with a baby due in September. Nicole is kicking off our Day in the Life series. She walks us through her toddler Gus’ day, and how she applies the Montessori method at home.

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How Montessori Can Help Baby’s Development

If you’ve looked into early childhood education, chances are you’ve come across Montessori. But did you know it can also be a great learning tool for babies as young as newborns? While most people think of it for preschool-age children and older, the Montessori practices and ideas can be really useful for babies’ development, as well. Here’s a primer on how and why babies and Montessori can be great together.

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Behind the Scenes on Our Path to Shark Tank

Over the years, many people suggested that I try and get Monti Kids on Shark Tank. One day, I casually Googled: ”Auditioning for Shark Tank” and saw that there was going to be an open casting call two weeks later in Palm Springs - not too far from where we are in the Bay Area. I decided to go for it! We needed to fill out a long, detailed application about the business, bring samples, and present a one-minute pitch. My baby Zayd was just three months old at the time. I couldn’t leave him and was a little nervous to take him with me but I decided that if I had backup, it would be okay. I asked Berenice, one of the Monti Kids Montessori experts, to come with me to help out. I practiced my pitch with some friends who are big Shark Tank fans and and did a lot of Q&A prep.

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