Simone Davies Testimonial Home Page

“I always loved the idea of Montessori in a box so that parents could get great Montessori materials delivered to the door. And Monti Kids does just that in such a professional way with authentic Montessori materials made of great quality. Highly recommend for busy parents.” — Simone Davies, The Montessori Notebook, Author of [...]

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Andrea Testimonial Home Page

“I’ve become really interested in Montessori but felt a bit overwhelmed with how to “do it right.” I finally found a really cool subscription service that sends you developmentally appropriate toys every three months! It sends videos on how to introduce them and when. It’s amazing! I love it! ” — Andrea, Level 2 [...]

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Vyana Testimonial Home Page

“We love the simplicity and beauty of the Monti Kids toys and we're absolutely fascinated by watching our now 5 month old grow with them. It's so liberating to know we're giving our child age appropriate toys that help them develop and learning how to be better advocates for their independence. ” — Vyana M., [...]

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