Hand Over The Little Spoon: 9 Tips To Raise An Independent Eater

Any opportunity for your child to engage in self-care, such as eating independently, boosts their self-esteem. Practicing independent eating also helps to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination. Here are 9 tips to help set a foundation for healthy eating habits for life with your baby.

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Unboxing Monti Kids Level 1: The best toys for your newborn’s learning

Wondering how you can support your newborn’s learning? Find out how play can help and the best developmental toys for newborns. Watch as our founder and mom of two, Zahra Kassam, unboxes Monti Kids Level 1 for her newborn and explains how to boost your baby’s development with age-appropriate play.

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7 ways to reignite your child’s interest in their toys

Your Monti Kids Montessori toys have arrived or you just bought the latest toy recommended by a friend. You’re eager for your child to reap the benefits. But when you present it, your child is so not interested, looks away, and would rather rub her head on the cat. This is all normal.

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Ask Zahra: How do I get my child to play the correct way?

How do I get my child more interested in playing with the toys the correct way? He plays with the toys the wrong way and gets irritated when I try and show him the right way and then he stops all together. Is there anything I can do to get him more interested in playing with the toys the correct way or should I just let him play with him the way he wants?

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The most underrated but important sense for your child’s development

Children learn best when they move and they learn by doing. Research shows that motor development and cognitive development are “fundamentally intertwined,’ tapping into similar areas of the brain. When educational toys and activities incorporate movement, your child gains a deeper understanding of the content. Montessori is described as embodied education because it involves as many senses as possible to fully capture a child’s attention.

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