Hand Over The Spoon: 8 Ways To Raise An Independent Eater

Any opportunity for your child to engage in self-care, such as eating independently, boosts their self-esteem. Practicing independent eating also helps to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination. Here are 9 tips to help set a foundation for healthy eating habits for life with your baby.

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Learning to Walk: 4 Tips for Encouraging This Exciting Baby Milestone

The urge to walk and experience the independence that comes with it is intense, and for now NOTHING, including work with his hands, will seem as interesting or important. Here are some tips to prepare for and encourage milestones during this period of rapid transformation.

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7 Montessori Hacks for Communicating With Your Little One

Communicating with your child can be challenging: they are still learning how to express themselves, and you are doing your best to keep them happy and satisfied in the meantime. The language you use can make this translation easier. In the spur of the moment, amid tears and screams, it’s impossible to be discerning about everything you say--we’re parents, we get it!

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10 Indoor Activities for Infants & Toddlers to Try This Winter

The winter months can leave you stuck inside with a very energetic little one. When trips to the park, exploration in the garden, and toddling around in the yard are out of the question, here are some educational and fun ways to enjoy being indoors with your child (other than playing with Monti Kids, of course!).

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4 Exciting Baby Milestones Every Montessori Parent Will Understand

Milestones can be reached at any age and are thrilling to observe. Developmental benchmarks often bring to mind walking and talking. At Monti Kids, we like to celebrate those that get less attention and are just as important. Concentration, independence, exploration, and perseverance are habits that can be developed early and lay the foundation for future learning.

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4 Delicious and Easy Holiday Baking Recipes for Kids, Montessori-Style

Baking with kids, especially around the holidays, is fun, educational, and rewarding. Food is a wonderful way to show love and begin a holiday tradition that your little one will cherish for years to come. Here are some of the reasons why time in the kitchen is a great way to incorporate Montessori into your home.

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5 Montessori Parenting Tips to Make Life with a Toddler Easier

Parenting toddlers is joyful and fulfilling, but it’s also exhausting! Monti Kids team member, Montessori educator, and a mom of three, Stacy, shared 5 useful tips on positive parenting techniques to eliminate some of the challenges of raising a toddler.

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